Ortega player arrested and charged in Miami for sexual harassment and lewd conduct with minors

According to US media reports, Ortega sympathizer Roberto Ramiro Aguilar Monjarez, 41, from Chichigalpa, was charged with sexual harassment and sexual harassment of minors under 15 years old. Arrested in Miami, Florida, USA for lewd conduct.

The man lewdly touched and then sent text messages to a 15-year-old boy he found in a bathroom at a Miami church, according to Miami-Dade County police. The minor’s parents reported the incident to authorities on November 18, 2023.

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Police detailed that the minor went to the restroom with a friend, with whom he was talking while loudly sharing their phone numbers, which is where Aguilar Monjarez overheard and made contact. The minor’s friend then returned to the living room, where the Nicaraguan took the opportunity to talk to the child and asked the child a series of questions.

“He approached him and touched his neck with his right hand and touched his left arm multiple times,” police said, adding that the minor “felt uncomfortable, removed his hand and began walking backwards , but realized “I realized I was leaning against a wall. ”

Detective impersonates minor

According to NBC Miami, Aguilar Monjarez sent a WhatsApp message to the minor, so a detective began using the victim’s phone to impersonate him and communicate with the subject, asking him why it was his turn. Neck and arms.

To which the Nicaraguan responded: “I don’t know because you brought it to my attention.”

Aguilar Monjarez then sent sexual messages involving masturbation and Internet pornography to the minor’s cell phone.

Subject was arrested and jailed. U.S. media said that according to prison records, he has been unable to post bail since Friday.

“We believe this is an isolated incident, but if there are other victims who were harmed by this man, they can come forward and report it to the City of Miami Police Department,” Miami Police spokesman Michael Vega said.

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He was recognized by his opponent

Aguilar Monjarez is recognized by Nicaraguan opponents. Former political prisoner Richard Saenz-Cohen stated on his X account that the subject arrived in the United States to seek asylum.

Cohen confirmed that mobs led by Monjarez, who also led a group of workers who accused him in labor tribunal of making them work in inhumane conditions “without compensating” them, occupied several of his properties. said the opponent.

It is also reported that in 2019, he testified before the courts in Managua and Chinandega against the Nicaraguan opposition who participated in the anti-government protests in April 2018.

Saenz-Cohen said he was a “false witness in the case against Gershon Snyder Suazo, accusing him of setting up roadblocks in Chichigalpa (which never happened) and of leading a mob with Sticks, sticks, machetes, stones and magic weapons “They threaten loved ones and attack their homes. “

Suazo, who lives in exile in Costa Rica, also reacted, mentioning that “today divine justice is acting against him, who served as a false witness for the Nicaraguan regime and pointed out the serious crimes against me.”

He added that the “former teacher of Gilberto Ramírez’s school, Chichigalpino, also fired at paramilitaries with Ortega police ammunition in 2018″ Personnel pointed at my house and are currently being prosecuted in the United States.”

Ortegista people migrated to the “Empire” in large numbers

As in the case of Roberto Ramiro Aguilar Monjarez, there are dozens of sympathizers of Ortega’s dictatorship, publicly identified as paramilitaries and operators of the regime’s repressive system persons who have arrived in the United States on humanitarian parole or irregularly to seek asylum. political asylum.

There have been online movements, led by opponents, calling on U.S. authorities to rein in sympathizers of the dictatorship entering a country described by official rhetoric as “invaders” of national sovereignty.

It is known that the arrival of former police officers were the main repressors of Nicaraguans; Ortega supporters who had testified in political trials, such as Bishop Rolando Alvarez; paramilitary forces, etc.

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