Oscar 2022, who will win the best actress statuette?

Oscar 2022: between exclusions, controversies and missteps, one of the most chaotic editions ever

Last year, the Academy Awards ceremony faced a two-month postponement due to the pandemic, with a change in eligibility criteria for the same reason (streaming films were also included) , with the lack of a presenter and, finally, with a change of location (the Union Station instead of the Dolby Theater) motivated by the need to adapt the event to anti-covid protocols. It could have been expected that, with the situation returning to relative normality, preparations for the 2022 edition would proceed without encountering particular difficulties. Instead, the exact opposite happened. The organization of this year’s ceremony turned out to be one of the most chaotic in the recent history of this event.

To begin with, there was decision to exclude eight technical categories (Best Editing, Best Scenography, Best Short Film, Best Animated Short Film, Best Documentary Short Film, Best Sound, Best Soundtrack and Best Makeup and Hairstyle) from live television, an initiative that triggered a sort of civil war within the film industry (Best Actress nominee Jessica Chastain, for example, threatened to boycott the red carpet ceremony). Motivated by the understandable need to reverse the steady decline in ratings, the move essentially aims to streamline the ceremony and to reduce its duration, as requested to the Academy by the television broadcaster ABC, owner of the broadcasting rights of the event.

An attempt to make the voting process more democratic with the introduction of a category voted on Twitter, that of the most popular moviebackfired spectacularly against his creators when apologists for Johnny Depp (who, in August, accused the Academy of boycotting him due to his legal vicissitudes) launched a campaign to promote his latest film, The Minamata casewhile, at the same time, Camila Cabello’s fans carried out an intense work of proselytizing in an attempt to bring the highly criticized Cinderellaof which the Cuban-born actress and singer-songwriter is the protagonist.

Then, on March 20, it became known that Rachel Zegler, one of the protagonists of Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the musical West Side Story – Oscar nominee for Best Picture – had not been invited to the ceremony, news coincided with the announcement of a list of presenters who, to put it politely, were quite “eclectic”, with Anthony Hopkins appearing alongside DJ Khaled and the surfer Kelly Slater. Eventually, the organizers decided to correct both missteps in one go by putting Rachel Zegler on the list of presenters.

In this organizational chaos in which the seventh art seems to almost overshadow the controversies, thethe only category of awards for which there seems to be a real interest is the one regarding the Oscar as best leading actress, always one of the most fiercely contested. Even in this case, however, we tend to talk not so much about the quality of the actor’s performances, as about the Academy’s internal policy regarding the selections, i.e. we discuss what types of actors / actresses its members love (or dislike) reward.

The 5 Best Actress Oscar nominees (and their assets)

And then, as the 2022 Academy Awards delivery ceremony approaches (Sunday 27 March at 20.00; in Italy, at 02.00 on Monday 28), let’s quickly review the five Oscar nominees cas best leading actress, evaluating the chances of each to bring home the coveted statuette.

Kristen Stewart, Spencer

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