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They are already here. Film lovers have surely reserved this weekend for a long time to follow the gala of the Oscar Awards 2022 and see if the films that they liked the most this year get the mentions they deserve or not. We tell you when exactly they are celebrated and how to follow everything live.

If you are not sure when everything will start and you are one of those who do not want to miss anything, it will be at 00:30 on Sunday the 27th when the first stars will begin to parade down the red carpet. This has a special mysticism to see celebrities and, especially, the suits and dresses they wear (which always become a reference and, of course, there are brutal surprises). At 2:00 Spanish time, is when the ceremony is scheduled to begin at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles. And that’s where the good stuff begins.

Some details of the ceremony

This year there will be no less than three presenters at the gala (Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes), and the appearance of a good number of stars in the announcement of the awards is more than guaranteed. Some examples of what we say are Kevin Costner; Lady Gaga; Rami Maleck; Uma Thurman; Bill Murray; and even Zoë Kravitz will have her moment of glory now that she is part of the cast of the new Batman movie.

How could it be otherwise, there will be some performances to liven up everything. Some of the stars who have been invited and who have accepted the challenge are Van Morrisonwho will sing one of the songs from the movie Belfast; billie eilish, which will do the same with part of the soundtrack of the latest installment of the James Bond saga; but, surely, what can attract the most attention is that on stage it will appear Beyonce to enjoy some of the creations from the film The Williams Method.

Where do you see the Oscars 2022 gala live?

Well, the exclusive has it, as for some time, Movistar. The broadcast will start at 00:00 on March 27 so that nothing can be lost in the broadcast and the channels of the platform where you can see everything live are #0 and Movistar Premieres 2 (dials 7 and 31 respectively). The presenters chosen to carry the weight of the broadcast are María Guerra and Cristina Teva, who will accompany Maria Gomez who will be in charge of carrying the weight of everything. Come on, everything has to go smoothly.

By the way, it is expected that the duration of the gala is shorter than on other occasions, since some awards have been left out of it (their delivery is maintained, but off-camera). In this way, it may be that this time you do not have to go to work the next day with hardly any sleep… and this is not exactly bad news.

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