Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence and other divas kiss


Hunting is a passion cross, which involves every class and in every social class. Of the face the hunting world has really many, just dig a little in the private lives of sportsmen, Hollywood stars and singers. The list is really long also for women, in America, in constant growth among the ranks of the hunters. Here in summary are a few examples from over the ocean:

Jennifer Lawrence: Oscar-winning actress, she played a young huntress in the movie the Hunger Games, but the hunter is in a life according to the gossip magazines, it seems that his hunting favorite is the one with the squirrel;

Eva Longoria, that many remember from the series Desperate Housewives, is grown in Texas and since childhood went regularly to hunt with her father. According to People Magazine , this actress began handling firearms at the age of four years. He hunted deer, turkeys, quail, wild pigs and any thing else allowed in Texas. For his love of hunting, Longoria has been targeted by PETA. She replied with great style, highlighting that this is not cruelty, but to put on the table their dinner.

According to the website Outdoorhub.com also Madonnathe world-famous singer from decades at the top of the charts all over the world, in the past, is dedicated to hunting in his spare time. The thing seems to date back to her marriage with Guy Ritchie. At the time, the two were hunting at the pheasant near to his estate. Some years ago the singer was fotogragata while leaving Purdey, the luxury london store in Mayfair where you sell exclusive items for the hunt.

Then there is Eliza Dushkuactress who appeared in Buffy the vampire slayer, known for her activism in humanitarian, but also to be a big hunter of moose.

And still among the stars seekers find Avril Lavigne. Born near the town of Napanee, Ontario, she grew up among hunters, since she often went hunting with the father and the brother, and it is precisely for this reason that pleased him to his first manager, who said he was her choice for her attitude.

Finally Miranda Lambert, country music stars, has never hidden his passion for hunting, which she shares with husband Blake Shelton. The two are said to have served deer meat to the banquet of his marriage.



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