Oscar-winning director Adam McKay’s auction: There’s a role in his film

fervent advocate for climate change activism, director Adam McKay launches unique fundraising initiative

Many will remember him as director of the acclaimed “Don’t Look Up“, nominated for four Academy Awards in 2022. Others, as winner of the statuette for the best original screenplay of the film “The big bet“, from 2015. He is Adam McKaymultifaceted screenwriter, comedian and author strongly committed to fight against climate change. Do you think that last fall McKay donated four million dollars to the Climate Emergency Fundan American non-profit organization supporting the actions of climate activists.

That the director had the climate issue particularly close to his heart is therefore no secret. But this time the way chosen to kick off a new fundraiser for the benefit of the Climate Emergency Fund is news.

The unusual pro-climate initiative

The chosen formula is that of a auctionthe “Make Me Regret This“, thanks to which McKAy sells personal items, but also and above all the opportunity to participate as an extra in his next film.

“In Hollywood, people auction off their personal items for various reasons – says the director to launch the initiative -: there are those who do it because they are bankrupt or because they are getting divorced or because they know they don’t have much left to live “.

“As far as I’m concerned – he continues – I do it because I’m obsessed with the climate emergency”. And he ironically concludes: “Take advantage of my deep existential fear and buy something interesting. This way we will be able to raise funds and take action!”

McKay’s Auction Lots

Thirty-seven items are up for sale, with starting bids of up to $50,000. It starts with a series of fine wines: a 2011 Petrus Pomerol ($4,000) and a 2008 Chateau Rayas Reserve Chateauneuf-du-Pape ($2,500).

For passionate collectors, various vintage sports cards and comics are available. Of note is the collection of four figurines by Michael Jordan ($3,000), or the unobtainable number 181 of “The Incredible Hulk” dated 1974, for $20,000.

Going up in price here is an item specially auctioned for all fans of the film “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy“, which McKay directed in 2004: straight from the set, the original “Sex Panther” cologne by Brian Fantana (played by actor Paul Rudd). To grab the lot in question it takes 45 thousand dollars, while if you settle for a role from non-speaking appearance in McKay’s next film you could get away with 25 thousand dollars…

The protagonists of the film Don't Look Up

Adam McKay and the admonition of “Don’t Look Up”

Fervent supporter of climate change activism, in the film “Don’t Look Up” of 2021, Adam McKay had launched a strong call on the end humanity could face, precisely because of the climate crisis.

The gigantic meteor arriving on Earth, the unheeded warning of two scientists (played by Jennifer Lawrence And Leonardo Dicaprio), the indifference of the president of the United States (Meryl Streep) and politics in general. And the end, with the worst possible scenario. A biting story, to forcefully make everyone understand the urgency of the problem using the language of satire.

Interviewed by The TimesMcKay explained: “We’ve seen hundreds of movies where the world is ending, whether it’s Marvel movies or James Bond or disaster movies from the 70s, and it always works. I think it’s not crazy to say that maybe it’s part of the reason we’re not taking the collapse of the livable atmosphere seriously…”

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