Oscars: How celebrities dress for the red carpet

Tiffany Briseno.Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Briseno

How do you prepare for an event like the Oscars?

As far in advance as possible. The ideal for an event like this is to go to the height. It feels so much more special.

How do you find inspiration for your outfits this week?

This is a great time of year to get ready as all the Fall and Haute Couture collections have come out so there is plenty of inspiration. But the truth is that I keep in mind the brand image of my clients and I continue to collaborate and create new ideas.

What are your rituals before the Oscars?

I drink juice almost every day, so keeping my mind awake with good nutrients is essential. It also helps to take small moments for yourself and listen to music from your best playlists.

Thomas Christos Kikis

Clients: Gabrielle Union, Zaya Wade, Amelie Zilber

Thomas Christos Kikis.Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Christos Kikis

How do you prepare for an event like the Oscars?

I have a tailor by my side during Oscar week and pre-show parties. I make sure my office is fully stocked with essentials. Skims just sent us bras, underwear, and swimwear in all shades of nude.

How do you get inspired for your outfits this week?

I was in Paris a couple of weeks ago for the shows. It was inspiring, strangely comforting. Spending time with your peers, seeing the Baselitz exhibition at the Pompidou… helped me get my head back.

What are your rituals before the Oscars?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally stressed before Sunday: schedule changes, spontaneous events, shipping delays. The only thing I do for myself—since I know she’s in town for all her Oscar-going clients—is pester Joanna Vargas to fit me in for a facial. It’s real therapy, and I look prettier when it’s over.

Article originally published by US Vogue, vogue.com. Adapted by Monica Silveti

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