Other than Draghi: this is how the left wants to flood the economy with “bad” debt

Good debt against bad debt, as Mario Draghi defined them. Or, better said, individual freedom against rights, often arbitrarily defined. This is the figure of the programmatic comparison that sees the center-right on the one hand and the Pd-M5s axis on the other. “Axis” is not an incorrect term since the two country projects coincide in many ways: from the progressive nature of taxation, to the provision of bonuses and subsidies, from the prevalence of the public over the private to free cannabis. The only real difference is on the environment: the Democratic Party is not opposed to waste-to-energy plants (also because it governs Rome which is now overwhelmed by waste), the Five Stars yes.

But it is in economic terms that the two programs have significant points of contact. Enrico Letta’s party is certainly more aggressive and since its introduction promises war on the liquidated flat tax with a “benefits only the highest incomes and steals resources for welfare”. It is immediately clear that the leitmotiv is “redistribution”. The proposed fiscal reform of the Democratic Party intends to reduce the personal income tax for medium and low incomes and rationalize tax benefits, transforming those of social value (health care, school expenses, etc.) into direct payments to taxpayers. This means, assuming an invariance of revenue to avoid a new deficit, that someone will pay more, that is, those who are considered rich. Even if the words “immovable” and “patrimonial” never appear, it is clear that the Democratic Party wants to touch that key. So much so that the dowry of 10 thousand euros to eighteen-year-olds with low ISEE financed by the increase in the inheritance tax on assets exceeding 5 million euros has remained.

Yes, the Democratic Party does not like freedom, it does not like the fact that someone has been able to accumulate wealth by working hard. The state must level these disparities and must guarantee everything to everyone. That is, some (and not a few) must live on the shoulders of everyone else. At least the Movement of Giuseppe Conte in its program writes it openly: «Moving from a corporate system based on privileges and income to a system that offers everyone the same opportunities». This means increasing wealth taxes to finance the myriad of bonuses included, starting with the strengthening of the citizen’s income to the reduction of working hours for the same salary. Obviously, with the minimum wage of 9 euros gross an hour that the Democratic Party also likes so much. In short, instead of focusing on the productivity of factors, we are focusing on universal guarantees.

The Democratic Party does so too, which wants to increase net salaries up to an extra month by cutting the tax and contribution wedge (while still guaranteeing the payment of notional contributions). In this case, it says where the resources will be taken: by strengthening the fight against tax evasion, that is, by dramatically increasing the power of that fiscal Big Brother who can spy on the lives of each of us. The exact opposite of the center-right proposal. The latter not only focuses on the flat tax, which cuts the nails of the State by subjecting it to a slimming treatment, but also intends to reduce the intrusiveness of the Revenue Agency. But on the other hand, both the Democratic Party and the Five Stars want to kick off public housing projects, increase teachers’ salaries and strengthen public health (the Democratic Party is aiming for 20 billion on these last two issues). Somewhere the resources will have to be recovered, that is, by bleeding those who work.

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