Other than God of War, Stray’s limited edition has a cat backpack

Stray is the most anticipated summer video game, because it combines the things that gamers and the Internet world like the most: cats and cyberpunk.

It won’t be there Night City of Cyberpunk 2077, that you can find on Amazon, but exploring a cyberpunk city as a furry cat is something very special.

As we told you in our recent preview, which we recommend to retrieve before the game is released.

Who will fill your gaming summerbecause the release date is really close in this case.

A game like Stray he might not have one limited edition? Of course not, and it was recently announced by Annapurna Interactive.

And we don’t want other video games and their splendid bundles full of statues and junk of various kinds, but this is it the best gadget ever.

The limited edition of Stray in fact it contains one backpack to carry your catand a shoulder collar branded with the video game logo.

These products were made in collaboration with Travel Cat, a specialized company in objects for the transport of cats, as the name may imply.

The backpack, which you can already pre-order from the official website, is inspired by the aesthetics of the game, with the neon and charcoal colors in plain sight. The backpack can hold a cat that weighs up to 12kgand has a porthole window to allow your feline to don’t feel trapped.

For a more sober gadget there is instead the harness collar, a replica of the one worn by the cat protagonist of the game. The collar has the adjustable chest and a shoulder strap with buckles and velcro.

The backpack costs $ 200, while the collar costs $ 56and both make even massive editions like that of God of War Ragnarok.

Some are so beautiful that, even after years, they are bought again. Surprisingly, it is also the Final Fantasy most hated.

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