Other than Trussardi! Michelle Hunziker caught together with the well-known face of Mediaset

Michelle Hunziker is not only one of the most loved showgirls ever by Italians of all ages in the name of her radiant beauty and her innate sympathy, but also a woman much talked about for her private life who never manages to remain such. And now, after her rumors, very powerful and pressing, these days that would like her closer and closer to her second ex-husband, here she has been caught together with another very important face of the Mediaset Networks…

The gorgeous artist is always in the eye of the storm and a very interesting subject for her Gossip. And now she “holds court” on her Web because of a shot that portrays her in the company of a great personality who works in the Azienda del Biscione… But who is it?

Michelle and Tomaso YouBee

Whatever she says or does, but also doesn’t say or do the truth, Michelle is always a source of great interest for the vast world of the Net andl Gossip. Her private life, since she ended her marriage with Eros Ramazzotti, with which he gave birth to his first child Aurora who is about to make them grandparents for the first time, the Media have no longer shifted their attention to her, also noting that everything concerning her interests the large audience that literally adores her. A love that – to tell the truth – she totally reciprocates.

And it is precisely love that always makes people talk about her: from passing stories to flirting up to the second wedding that took place with the youngest Tomaso Trussardi. Ten years of union, made stronger by the birth of Sun and of Heavenly, but then the fairy tale – because it could certainly be considered such – ended, leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the respective fans. A press release announced the separation, “without ifs and buts” and from that precise moment both were followed by the paparazzi who tried to find out if the reason for the their goodbye was another love … In short, a third wheel that – in fact – there would have been, and how!

In fact, if – on the one hand – he essentially lived a single summer in the company of his closest friends, she spent very passionate moments around Italy, especially in the splendid Sardinia, in the company of the sensual and beautiful doctor John Angelini that many will remember as a gieffino. An experience that the man lived several years ago to then decide to gradually exclude the vast world of entertainment from his range of action. But the story with Michelle it has – clearly – brought him into the limelight. The fact is that once she returned “to the base” in Milan, all traces of him were lost. The fact is that he had known all three of Hunziker’s daughters, both the eldest Aurora and the little ones Sole and Celeste, and this had made it clear that she was serious about the charming doctor but then – as we rightly recalled just now – the two were never seen together again. Was it just “a simple buggy”? According to supporters, including those of the first hour of the splendid Swiss artist, yes, also because right now she has other things to think about!

Close to the ex but…

In fact, in a very few months, together with her first ex-husband, or the legendary one Eros Ramazzotti, will become a grandmother for the first time since their eldest daughter Aurora is pregnant! And – clearly – this has brought her even closer to him, although relations between them – as those directly involved have also repeatedly stated – have been relaxed and serene for some time. As it seems they are with Tomaso Trussardi with which Michelle was spotted and immortalized by photographers. But not only! It was the man who uploaded and posted some shots on his very popular Official Instagram Profile that showed her ex-wife in serene moments, as well as others where both appeared. Also Vittorio FeltriDirector of Freeand a great friend of the couple, as well as best man at the entrepreneur’s wedding, he confirmed during an interview with Todayof the their rapprochement. But – according to the journalist – one must be very careful, so much so that they still live in separate houses. However now the woman has been spotted with another familiar face of the Mediaset networks… Do you know who it is? Name out!

Michelle and Belen caught together
Michelle Hunziker and Belen Rodriguez together, what’s cooking?

It’s about the wonderful Belen Rodríguez, she too – just like Michelle – queen of our local Gossip since she appeared on TV. For several months she has been happy again next to her first husband Stephen DeMartino with which he brought into the world Santiago. And now the woman has decided to be immortalized together with her famous colleague, in a shot, or rather in a nice video, published on Instagram which has become – as it is also normal for it to be – viral in no time at all! In it, the Argentinian diva appears perfectly coiffed and made up, while the other of hers has a sleepy look and doesn’t even have a trickle of make-up on her face.

Most likely the two, which they are authentic volcanoes, are working on new collaborations and this has made their respective fans very happy who can’t wait to see them at work. What is certain is that today they are still the most loved by Italians of all ages who appreciate them not only for their charm but also for their talent.

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