“Our friendship is no longer the same”: the series Scenes from married life has degraded the relations between Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac

Available on OCS and thanks to the Warner Pass from Prime Video, the mini-series Scenes from married life did not spare its two main performers. Explanations.

Cult production by Ingmar Bergman broadcast in 1973 on Swedish TV and then released a year later in cinemas, Scenes from married life (Scenes from a marriage in VO) was entitled to a remake broadcast in the fall of 2021 on HBO in the United States and visible in France on OCS and Prime Video. In this five-episode miniseries, Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaak slipped into the shoes of Mira and Jonathan, a couple parents of a little girl who, despite the love that unites them, are on the verge of exploding. .

This shooting deeply marked the two actors who were very close. So much so that their relationship has also evolved, but not in the best way. “Scenes of married life was very difficult. I love Oscar (Isaac), but really, our friendship has never been the same since. We’ll get through this, but after that I needed a breather. There were so many “I love you, I hate you” in this series”confessed Jessica Chastain in an interview with Vanity Fair.

But there is so much joy in what I do. There is a lot of catharsis. I feel like I have the best job in the world because I can have those experiences. They are so out of the ordinary that they seem to belong to me. But I lead a very quiet life. I don’t need to have these tortured things in my life. I play them and live them, then I come home and live quietly and peacefully”she added.

Asked about the strike in Hollywood, Jessica Chastain supported the movement by denouncing practical contracts in the entertainment industry. “I don’t think that’s fair. I don’t think contracts are fair, and I don’t speak for myself. I am in a situation where I can support my family. But there are a lot of people who can’t, and the industry is not good, it’s not fair. We must come together and fight for fair pay until we get it, and we can do it. (…) And I am ready to not work to make sure that everyone is paid fairly”she said.

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