Our team clearly failed to draw the Polish national team

Poland will bypass Portugal and Italy in the fight for the World Cup in Qatar. Paulo Sousa’s team will face Russia away from home. The meeting is scheduled for March 24 at 18:00. – We have found strong rivals, but they are definitely within our reach. The draw was kind – said Cezary Kulesza, president of the Polish Football Association.

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Who will succeed Paulo Sousa? The candidate seems obvious. “He never hid it”

In the Russian media, the narrative is quite the opposite. – No one stronger than Poland could have hit us in the first game – wrote the Sovsport portal. – Our team clearly failed to draw. It could be even worse if Italians or Portuguese made it in the second semi-final – added the portal’s journalists.

The Russian coach compared the Poles to the runners-up in the world. The Russian coach compared the Poles to the runners-up in the world. “It’s all about football quality”

The Russians, however, see a positive in the fact that they will play the match against Poland at home. In their opinion, the presence of fans may be important, because most likely the Russian federation will choose the Moscow Luzhniki Stadium, which could seat up to over 80,000 spectators.

MatchTV is pessimistic about meeting Poland. – It is the Poles who seem to be the favorites of this match, even considering that the match will take place in Russia. Most footballers regularly play for the biggest European teams, which cannot be said about the Russian team. However, the Polish team is dependent on the main star, emphasized journalists.

“This could be a problem for our rivals.” Piekarski knows what he is talking about. He knows the Russian market well

In turn, the portal sportmk.ru emphasized that this draw is “the end of Karpin’s happiness”. The portal’s journalists emphasized that drawing Poland was fatal for the Russians. The only consolation may be the fact that after the possible elimination of Poland, the Russians will host the final match against Russia or the Czech Republic.

In turn, “Sport Express” emphasizes that the Russians avoided the path of dreams, but also the path of death. Journalists do not hide their joy that it was possible to avoid the match with the Italians or the Portuguese in the draw, which would be possible in the final stage of the play-offs. However, they pointed out that in the first stage of the fight for the World Cup they found the most probably the least comfortable rival, Poles.

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