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“Whoever does not reflect on life is like a stranger traveling without a map in a foreign land”. This evening at 18 in the Sala Pio XII in Chiaiolella, it will be a real pleasure to participate, together with Francesca Borgogna, in the presentation of the book by my friend and teacher Michele Romano entitled “Itinerant Thoughts. Philosophy within the horizon of Procida and beyond” for Fioranna editions, which is enriched by the photographs of Diana Melles.

The cover of the book

Starting from international and national events, which the daily impact offers to each of us, from crime news to politics, from food and wine to the environment, from work to school to health care to youth problems, Michele Romano, using with both hands what is his full-bodied cultural baggage, rich in philosophical readings and studies, in a period of time ranging from 2012 to the present day, he has managed to insert them, with a pinch of healthy self-criticism and irony, and an abundant gift of sagacity, in the experience local of what by now, not only for him, has become the Polis Micaelica.

Precisely this, in my opinion, constitutes one of the most amazing and interesting aspects of Michele Romano’s writing, that is, having made concepts and situations typical of the great masters of Ancient Greece chewable to a wider audience, stimulating reflections, considerations and points of view on the various themes proposed, always and in any case in the supreme name of freedom, understood not as an object of thought or “free will” but as an attribute of action.

That said, to all those who are wondering in today’s world what is philosophy for and why reading this book we feel like saying that philosophy is a reasoned reflection on the world and on man and was not born to be taught but to be practiced following the lesson of the masters of ancient Greece. In his journey within the horizon of Procida and beyond Michele Romano manages to make philosophical concepts clear and understandable by stimulating the critical spirit of the reader, opening horizons of positivity as a “believer of hope” who “walks within the cosmic breath of sky, sea and earth ».


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