Ovarian Cancer Danger | Collect all Johnson products: check if you have it at home and throw it away

A much loved Johnson product has been withdrawn from the market. The danger is very high: this is what it is and what it entails

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Today as today, anyone is very careful about their health. This means not only being careful from a medical point of view with checkups and examinations, but also being aware of what is consumed and applied to the skin every day. Health, in fact, also passes through small daily actions which, if done lightly or superficially, can cause very serious damage.

Precisely in these terms, in the last hours the Johnson company he had to make a drastic choice. The well-known cosmetic product has been definitively withdrawn from the market; the accusation is serious: we talk about ovarian cancer.

Johnson withdraws his beloved Borotalco

Talcum powder
Borotalco (Pexels)

After many years of discussion, the Johnson & Johnson company decided the more drastic way: will suspend sales of Borotalco worldwide. The choice is linked to the over forty thousand lawsuits that see it involved: there is an alleged link between the historic cosmetic product and ovarian tumorsas well as with mesothelioma. In the USA, the sale of this product has already been suspended for two years due to legal battles, which have also led the Supreme Court to rule.

In 2019, in fact, 33 thousand bottles of Talc for children had been withdrawn in the USA: the Food and Drug Administration had found traces of asbestos in these products. The company has always responded to these accusations by supporting the safety of its cosmetics but this has never been enough: in June 2021, the US Supreme Court confirmed the conviction for the company. Also in America, 22 women accused the company of being responsible for their ovarian cancers: “He knew his talc products contained asbestos and hid the information from the public, defending the image of baby powder “.

AIRC, the Italian Association for Cancer Research, it is much more cautious regarding the possible toxicity of Johnson & Johnson Borotalco. According to the AIRC, the correlation between tumor and talc is “Modest in absolute value”. In any case, in the last few hours the company has chosen the most drastic way, which solves any problem in these terms. The Borotalco produced up to now will no longer be sold and will be replaced by a new formulation, based on corn starch. This should not create any problems and, above all, extinguish the controversy and the allegations against the companywhich is historical in the field of cosmetic production.

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