Oven, better static or ventilated? One ruins you, the other halves your bill

Which oven is better to have at home, the ventilated or static one? You may not know that one is cheap while the other raises the cost on your bill. Here’s what to look out for.

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It’s a very difficult period and this means that Italians are doing everything to save on their end-of-month bill. On the web, people are constantly looking for ways to save and citizens want to know them all.

The forecast forwinter 2023 it is an expense that exceeds 5,000 euros between gas and electricity for each family, a truly unsustainable cost that frightens everyone. As early as this October, the price increases will be very strong, and it is for this reason that it is necessary to find adequate solutions.

Among the appliances that consume more there is the oven: but between the ventilated and the static only one halves the bill. Shall we clarify the subject?

Household protests: how much does the oven consume?

Families who cannot pay end-of-month bills so high, threaten to protest because a solution needs to be found. In Naples, for example, there have already been protests of various kinds due to the failure to pay the bills as soon as they arrive.

Use the oven for cooking
Using the oven to cook – NanoPress.it

Taking as a reference the oven, a commonly used appliance, only 60 minutes at 200 degrees means consuming 1.5kWh. Experts invite you to use it as little as possible or opt for a type different from the one you have at home, precisely because a sustainable expense until a few months ago today becomes a nightmare to maintain.

ventilated or static oven
ventilated or static oven – NanoPress.it

Ventilated or static oven? Here’s how to save

The question of the oven is very important and it is necessary to understand how to use it and how to counter the increase in the bill. First of all, few people know the difference between static and ventilated oven even if today the electric ones propose the ventilated mode.

But the convection oven saves or not? Actually, yes, because the ventilated mode allows you to consume less electricity even if some recipes require the use of another type of oven / cooking.

If you want to save money then you must also change the type of cooking and the recipes that are prepared at home, with all the dishes that can be prepared thanks to the ventilated mode. This is an excellent remedy for use the oven economically it’s right.

Let’s take an example? Leavened food requires static oven cooking and should be avoided at the moment. It must also be said that all appliances have already been developed for energy saving, with eco and ventilated modes. The important thing is that the user chooses this option for each type of dish, so as not to have a bill with many zeros at the end of the month.

prepare baked dishes
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The way of life must change, as well as the perspective of food preparation: less consumption, more intelligent systems and less money lost on bills.

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