Oven, the hidden button that doubles your bill: you always leave it on

With the energy crisis and the rising bills, we must be careful about everything. For example, did you know that there is a button in the oven that must be turned off in order not to consume?

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Due to the expensive bills we will certainly turn on the oven less but it is better to find out how to avoid unnecessary consumption.

The button on the oven that consumes in the bill

Did you know that even the switched off oven can consume? Because of the expensive energy and gas every opportunity is good to find out new ways to save. For example, he made a lot of talk about the advice to cook pasta by closing the fire under the pot, once the water has come to a boil. A technique that would save several minutes of gas on.

Today the belief is beginning to take hold that even leaving the plugs of chargers plugged in, without actually charging your devices, can consume. Not only that: also appliances on stand bylike the oven, they can come to consume.

What does stand by mean

If the oven remains in stand-by it means that it is in a state that is halfway between being switched on and being switched off. How to find out if your oven is on standby? If the red light is on, it generally gives a signal. A state that is different from turning off the appliance and then make it consume.

A state, that in stand-by, which is not just the oven itself but also of other various appliances ranging from television, to computers, from cordless phones to electric coffee machines. Naturally, each household appliance on stand by adding up can cause a good consumption in the bill.

An electric or microwave oven, with the button inserted and the relative light on, can reach consume about 27 kWh.

To get an idea of ​​real consumption, here is a list of the most frequently found household appliances in Italian homes with their consumption per kilowatt hour:

  • Playstation: 10 kWh;
  • Coffee machine: 8 kWh;
  • Tv: about 5 kWh;
  • Cordless telephone: 2.9 kWh;
  • Fixed computer: up to 5.5 kWh;
  • Electronic device charger left inserted: 0.26 kWh.
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From a European study it emerged that the spies on stand by arrive at affect about 10% of the total bill. Not only that, the buttons left on and the standby signals of household appliances can consume up to 19 million CO2 per year.

In order to put a stop to this problem, the European Union has moved and issued the directive called EuP i.e. Energy Using Product. With this directive, a consumption limit is set for household appliances.

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