Over 1,600 UNIR students celebrate graduation in Bogotá

Logos, May 21. (Europe Press) –

This weekend more than 1,600 students are celebrating Colombia Graduation 2023 organized by the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) at the El Cubo Colsubidio in Bogotá.

The convocation is divided into four sessions, two held yesterday and two more this Sunday, one has already been held this morning and the last will be in the afternoon. All of them with similar characteristics and similar participation, in which the students have been able to pour out their joy and emotions upon receiving the symbolic diploma that recognizes them as UNIR graduates along with their families.

The ceremonies have been broadcast by streaming, open to the entire world, a medium that has also served other students to attend their graduation.

At the graduation held this morning, the participation of seventeen indigenous students from the Ember-Chami ethnic group was notable, identifying themselves with distinctive makeup and, in the case of women (six), the community dressed in their traditional garb.

The event was presided over by UNIR President Rafael Puyol, who was delighted to share such an important event in the life of a student in the current times full of challenges. He said, “I do not know of a better possible means for these new challenges than good training which we have tried to inculcate from our educational institution. Continuous training is the need of our times.”

Admission and Master Lessons

The celebration of the meeting began with the entrance of the Academic Committee into the auditorium, to the notes of Edward Elgar’s ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ march, which later gave way to the interpretation of The Republic’s hymn. The committee, composed of about fifteen doctors from UNIR, was headed by Rafael Puyol, president of UNIR, followed by Flor Nancy Diaz de Piraquiv, rector of the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de la Rioja; Adela López Martínez, Vice Chancellor of Students at UNIR; Isabel Díaz Vial, UNIR’s Vice-Rector for Growth and Economic and Social Impact; Octavio Corral Pazos de Provence, Dean of the Faculty of Health of UNIR; and Manuel Herrera, Academic Director of International Relations at UNIR, among other academics.

Adela Lopez’s words echoed in the auditorium as the ceremony set for the first act. With the lecture ‘Anthropological Fundamentals of Education’, he reflected strongly on the work of a teacher and the essential training function in education, “a major spiritual activity that is more concerned with intelligence and character”, he said.

In his dissertation, he was inspired by the great thinkers of history regarding the human faculties, which are perfected by education and which follow “the characteristic of the way of life of man, which is intellectual knowledge and desire.” He insisted that education “is an essentially moral act because it aims at the improvement of the individual.”

Furthermore, he spoke of virtues as part of this process, “acquired not in an innate way, but in human action.” From this point of view, the educational work of the teacher is essential. “Students need ethical contexts to design their own critical projects and models that give them the moral strength to execute it. For this reason, it is important for the teacher to be actively involved in promoting certain values. Involvement is necessary”.

Finally, the academic listed some skills that teachers should possess in their work as a coach (patience, firmness, prudence, justice, moderation*) that allow them to work as a team and correct mistakes. gives. “The teacher cannot separate himself from what he does and, therefore, devoting himself professionally to educate implies a personal commitment to an ethical project”, he concluded.

student voice

Representing all the students present and virtual, Juan David Córdoba Betancourt, graduate of the Master’s Degree in Inclusive and Intercultural Education, took the stage to address the audience and express a personal concern: would it be possible to change the world with speech? All his reflections were expressed around this unknown, “that which comes from the heart, which is ultimately the heart.”

Córdoba encouraged all his colleagues to be prepared before the great challenges ahead and recalled important aspects of human development such as mental health, the ability to accept oneself and to become stronger in the face of those struggles. Which leads us to see that “in diversity lies human civilization’s greatest opportunity for learning, survival and excellence”, he stressed.

The young student concluded without answering the initial question but with a proposition: “It may be our epistemological responsibility to create the world we dream from within and that is what is projected in our discourse. “

delivery of diploma

The most special moment for the students came with the delivery of the Diploma, which is a recognition of the successfully completed course of study.

Particularly important were the changes in the leadership of seventeen indigenous students from the Ember-Chami ethnic group, who belonged to the Mistrato Municipality of Risaralda Department. They took the stage with the typical makeup of their community and, in the case of the six women, adorned in traditional gala costumes, a symbolic display of pride and protection of their culture and customs. A symbolic example of UNIR’s spirit of being a cross-border university that provides equal access to higher education and goes where many other educational institutions do not.

The rest of the graduates followed the same path, with their caps and gowns on, called by name in groups of fifteen, to receive their symbolic diplomas from the Faculty. He proudly showed off his bounty in protocol photographs, at the same time seeking the connivance of his relatives in public and sharing happy moments with them.

President’s words

After the diploma distribution, the final segment of the ceremony was completed with the intervention of Rafael Puyol, who addressed the students affectionately. In his speech, he mentioned illustrious names in research, business, arts and sports to highlight his willingness not to give up in the face of lack of results until the objectives pursued are achieved Could

Puyol explained the meaning of words like motivation, confidence, hard work and preparation with examples and energy. Of the latter, he mentioned as a priority objective of the institution he presides: “You are at the center of what we do and we are confident that we are meeting the commitment to our mission, which is reflected in the commitment of our teachers.” The training has been achieved thanks to the teacher figure, the applicability of our teachings and the job opportunities being generated,” he said.

He exhorted the students to be brave and take risks to achieve their goals with perseverance, work as a team and not be afraid of failure. He insisted, “True failure is never trying to do something again and the biggest mistake a person can make is being afraid to do it.”

Finally, he congratulated the graduates for their efforts, their families for their unconditional support for the students, and the professors “without whose knowledge and dedication what we are experiencing today would not have been possible,” The UNIR president, who broke protocol, encouraged everyone involved to cheer on the new graduates, their families and teachers.

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