Over a hundred years old she donates organs, it is the first time in the world – Health

For the first time in the world, an organ was donated by a person over a hundred years old for transplant purposes. The sample, which has no documented precedent in the scientific literature, was carried out at the San Giovanni di Dio Hospital in Florence last week on a woman who died at 100 years, 10 months and 1 day: her liver, with the green light of the operational coordination of the regional transplant center of Tuscany and the national transplant center, was judged suitable and successfully transplanted into a person on the waiting list at the University hospital of Pisa.

The liver transplant “was successful and the patient is in good condition. The procedure represents the culmination of years of multidisciplinary clinical work and study on the use of elderly donors, on which the transplant center of Pisa and the Tuscany Region have invested resources and planning “. Professor says so Paolo De Simonedirector of the operative unit of hepatic surgery and liver transplants of the University hospital of Pisa.

Last week, the Region explains in a note, two liver explants were performed in the Florentine hospital of San Giovanni di Dio and then at the Pisan university hospital the organs were implanted in patients on the waiting list. The extraordinary nature of the two cases, it is explained, is manifold: there is the concomitance of situations, the use, for the time in one of the two explants, of a controlled donation with a steady heart, set up with the intervention of the Ecmo mobile team of the Careggi university hospital. And then there is the age of the second donor, whose organs were taken with a beating heart and which constitutes an absolute world record: the woman had in fact turned one hundred years ago ten months and one day. It had never happened in the world. In Italy, to date, the oldest organ donor ever registered in Italy was a woman who died in Fabriano last October at 97 years and 7 months. The Tuscan woman had arrived at the hospital on Saturday morning with a cerebral hemorrhage which led her, immediately after, to brain death. Found suitable for the removal, it was her children who authorized the removal.