over a hundred young rackets in the fit junior program at the panatta racquet club

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At the Panatta Racquet Club over a hundred young rackets coordinated by the provincial selector Andrea Borghesan. The gathering was under the auspices of the Fit Junior Program. These are the results. For the Orange category Pietro Bologna, Paolo Fabris, Edoardo Trevisiol and Tommaso Guidolin. In the Super Orange Tommaso Pellizzari, Nicola De Giovanni, Giovanni Ortica and Giovanni Drigo. In the Green Tommaso Rossetto, Alessandro Buffa, Edoardo Buttignol and Mario Sarpellon. In the Super Green Mattia Muscolo, Giovanni Robazzini, Tommaso Cassandro and Tommaso Bissacco. In the female Orange Letizia Durante, Silvia Ronzani, Carlotta Franceschini and Nika Dubinskaya. Super Orange: Giulia Azzurra Quéméner, Beatrice Gerosa, Emilia Dubinskaya and Veronica De Leo. Green semi-finalists: Chanel Gigo, Matilde Eva Cavinato, Alexia Giorgia Petrica and Carlotta Solimene. Supergreen: Ilenia Nicole Morgante, Angelica Bazzacco, Serena Lamonato and Matilde Franchin. In the meantime, the organizing machine is already setting up the Padel tournament for VIPs to be held from 1 to 3 April by Vpe20 for information 348-7166671. Everything is ready in Villorba for the men’s Open from 1/4 to 16/4 with € 1,200 in prize money, which will be directed by Roberto Marian. Registration by 12 noon on Wednesday 30 March, from 4.4 to 2.1. Over the weekend 2 and 3 April at Villa Guidini Rodeo in the 3rd male category. Registration by 12 noon on 31/3. In Altivole from 9/4 to 24/4 3rd category men’s and women’s singles and doubles and mixed doubles tournament. Registration by 12 noon on 7 April.

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