Overdrive / On Italia 1 the film with Scott Eastwood

Overdrive, Italy 1 film directed by Antonio Negret

Overdrive ranks in the wake of the great American action-movies, the 2017 French film is a mix between action and thriller and goes aired today, May 30, starting at 9.20 pm on Italia 1.

Directed by Antonio Negret, while the main performers are: Scott Eastwood, Freddie Thorpe, Gaia Weiss, Ana de Armas and Clemens Schicks. A choral cast composed mainly of emerging actors and character actors who have beauty and attractiveness in common.

Overdrive, the plot of the film: the story of two brothers

The story of Overdrive is focused on brothers Garett and Andrew Forrest, two bad guys who make a living by stealing rare vintage cars. One day they are enlisted to steal a beautiful Bugatti dating back to 1937 which was auctioned off for $ 40 million. To succeed in this, the two boys organize a formidable shot never made before, which, however, turns out to be very unfortunate.

The theft is against a well-known underworld boss named Morier, himself a rival of a certain Klemp, a leader of the German mafia who is climbing the summit and has decided to settle on the Cote d’Azur. When Morier threatens not only their safety, but also that of Andrew’s girlfriend, the two brothers are forced to give in to the criminal’s blackmail. Andrew and Garret have to steal his prestigious 1962 Ferrari 250GT from rival Klemp and the undertaking proves very difficult.

They manage to come up with a very exciting and dangerous plan between accidents and chases to the last breath, but fortunately they will have the better, in fact the film ends with the 2 brothers and the girlfriend of Andrew, victorious near the Eiffel Tower intent on planning their next adventure. in Spain.

The video of the Overdrive trailer


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