Overseas, there was an idea to tax the unvaccinated

Quebec residents who they do not want to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they will be additionally taxed – announced the Prime Minister of the Province, Francois Legault. These are people who are not exempt from vaccination by any medical reasons. It is not a large group, about 10% of people in Quebec remain unvaccinated. residents.

So far, the amount of the tax has not been disclosed. The prime minister of the Canadian province, however, reserved that it was to be “a significant sum”.

“10 percent must not be a problem for the remaining 90 percent.”

On Tuesday, he explained that 10 percent. provincial residents who have not yet taken even the first dose of the vaccine to protect against COVID-19, cannot create problems for the remaining 90%.


In Canada the obligation to vaccinate against COVID-19 applies to certain social groupssome cities have introduced it, including federal officials. Soon it will also cover truck drivers crossing the US border.

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Québec physician and resident Jean Bottari commented on Twitter that unvaccinated who repeatedly charge them with medical costs if needed should be aware that a day of stay in a hospital in Quebec costs about 1.5 thousand. hole. Canadian (approx. PLN 4.8 thousand – note ed.), and in the intensive care unit – 4,000. hole. Canadian (PLN 12.7 thousand – editor’s note), plus the cost of doctors’ salaries.

Healthcare in Canada is free for citizens and permanent residents.


You cannot buy alcohol without the vaccination

Quebec has often opted for unconventional solutions to fight the spread of the epidemic. From next Tuesday those wishing to shop at alcohol and marijuana stores will need to show a vaccination certificate.

About 8.5 million people live in Quebec, it is the second most populous province of the country after Ontario (14.5 million). In the whole of Canada with 38 million inhabitants, last week there were over 260,000. new cases of COVID-19.

Over 81 percent vaccinated, compulsory vaccination possible

Covid19tracker.ca, which collects the current official data, said on Tuesday that in Canada, among those for whom vaccines were approved (i.e. from the age of 5), almost 88 percent. received one dose, and 81.3 percent. are fully vaccinated.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke last week of growing frustration among Canadians who “see cancer treatment being suspended and elective surgeries on hold because there are people in hospital beds who chose not to vaccinate.”

Canada’s Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said last weekend that provinces are likely to introduce mandatory vaccination due to increasing health problems.

Quebec is not currently considering such an obligation.




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