Overview & Goals: Women’s World Cup 2023, Spain 2-1 Sweden | 15 August 2023

1 day ago 3:56

Last! Last! Last! Women’s World Cup Spain advances to final The Iberians thrashed Sweden 2-1 to earn their first ticket to the final in Sydney.

1 day ago 3:54

change in Spain. Esther González replaced Mariona Cardenti.

1 day ago 3:52

The match will be played for another 7 minutes.

1 day ago 3:51

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! Olga Carmona! Pikabara goal! Spain leads again! At that moment, the Iberian scored the winning goal with a shot that hit the crossbar and entered from outside the area.

1 day ago 3:48

GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL from Sweden! Rebecca Blomqvist! The Swedish side equalized after Lina Hrutig received a cross from the left, with a shot from the new forward.

1 day ago 3:48

Swedish change. Lina Hrutig replaces Erin Rubenson.

1 day ago 3:42

VAR review has been completed. Resume the game! Goal validated.

1 day ago 3:38

The final stages of the game…or regulation time. The score is still 0-0, and the smell of extra time is already in the air.

1 day ago 3:34

Double change in Sweden. Rebecca Blomqvist and Olivia Shaw will replace Stina Blackstenius and Johanna Kannelid.

1 day ago 3:30

change in Spain. Eva Navarro replaces Alba Redondo.

1 day ago 3:29

Spain challenge! Alba Redondo scored the goal, but the ball went off by inches.

1 day ago 3:22

Spain is approaching. Salma Pararuelo headed in after Alba Redondo’s cross, but the ball went over the net.

1 day ago 3:18

15 minutes from the start of the game. The rain has arrived! A good factor for the team to encourage them to achieve more finishes.

1 day ago 3:15

change in Spain. Salma Paraluelo replaced Alexia Puteras.

1 day ago 3:14

Sweden has appeared. Stina Blaskstenius received the pass and arrived inside the area, aiming for a hole in the Spanish defense, but she was not angled and had a very soft shot. She easily controlled Kata Col.

1 day ago 3:12

The first minutes of the second half. So far, there are no dominators in the restart.

1 day ago 3:03

The game will resume at Eden Park. There were no changes to the team.

1 day ago 2:48

End of the first term! Spain vs Sweden is a scoreless draw.

1 day ago 2:47

The first half of the game lasted only 1 minute.

1 day ago 2:45

Sweden has it! Fridolina Rolfo finished in Natalie Bjorn’s centre, but Kata Col reacted well and saved to send the ball across the line to avoid the first goal.

1 day ago 2:43

Spain is approaching. Aitana Bommati’s shot broke through the left side.

1 day ago 2:41

The final development of the first half. The score remains 0-0, and the close battle continues beyond the sense of superiority of the Spanish team.

1 day ago 2:33

The game is 30 minutes. There is no clear goal chance yet.

1 day ago 2:30

Spain continues to attack. The Iberian team can’t break through their rival’s defense in the area, but will try to damage the wing. Sweden again failed to come close to Spain’s goal.

1 day ago 2:23

The scoreboard remains tied. Spain have dominated the ball in recent minutes and are patiently looking for holes in their rivals’ defense.

1 day ago 2:16

Spain had it! Olga’s shot grazed the leg of a rival player and the ball passed very close to the left post.

1 day ago 2:13

Even though the match was expected to be evenly matched, that was how it was at the beginning of the match. Spain tries to take the ball and go further before the Swedish team tries to dominate.

1 day ago 2:07

A few minutes after the game started. The Spanish team wanted to start by taking up positions in the opposition half, but the Swedes soon took control of the ball.

1 day ago 2:01

The match between Spain and Sweden begins. We are looking for the first World Cup finalists!

1 day ago 1:55

Players from Spain and Sweden have left the Parque del Eden stadium.

1 day ago 1:05

We will deliver the pattern of the Women’s World Cup semi-final match between Spain and Sweden. Please follow what happened at this conference.

1 day ago 1:00

Coming soon, we will be sharing live the first line-up of the Spain vs. Sweden match, along with updates from the Parque del Eden. Don’t miss out on live match updates and comments from VAVEL coverage.

1 day ago 0:45

in sweden, Amanda Irested. The 25-year-old Arsenal defender is the team’s top scorer in the Women’s World Cup, with four goals. She also stands out for running the longest distance of the team so far in the tournament, running 50.83km.

1 day ago 0:40

in Spain, Bonmati Conca. The 25-year-old striker for FC Barcelona is the team’s top scorer with three goals at the Women’s World Cup. She is also the top two assists on the team.

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