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Overwatch 2 has surprised everyone with a launch which appears decidedly solid and which seems to confirm the validity of the choices made for the game, proposed as you know in the free-to-play format and therefore downloadable for free, but at the same time equipped with an inevitable system of microtransactions.

Of course, as often happens we found ourselves faced with a debut among the controversy: those relating to access problems for the stormed servers, first of all, but also the usual accounts on how much one would have to spend to get all the items. Small detail that is always omitted: to get them without playing.

Received with excellent grades, Overwatch 2 currently presents itself as a product evidently incomplete and it is easy to think that Blizzard has opted for early access precisely to protect itself from any criticism. However, if the construction sites were all so beautiful we would live in a better (videogame) world.

The general feeling is indeed that this sequel has known raise big those elements that had built the success of the original Overwatch, refining the mechanics where necessary and giving us a roster once again full of very well characterized characters, distinguishable by skills and equipment.

Overwatch 2, one of the new characters in action

Overwatch 2, one of the new characters in action

It is no coincidence that the (few) less enthusiastic reviews of Overwatch 2 point the finger on lack of concrete newson the reiteration of a formula that many users have literally consumed by investing hundreds of hours, while the unprecedented single player campaign will only make its debut during 2023.

However, it is clear that a similar experience needs to rest on the solid foundations built in the past in order to aspire to take steps forward, without therefore revolutionizing everything and risking losing those ingredients that once again seem to have conquered the general public.

Overwatch 2, some of the characters in the game

Overwatch 2, some of the characters in the game

The same audience that finds itself in line with 50,000 players in front to be able to access a game: when things are like this and you decide to wait anyway, then it is really love. What do you think? Are you enjoying Overwatch 2? How do you see the future of the Blizzard shooter? Let’s talk about.

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