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Overwatch is a shooter game that is multiplayer and involves a complete team. It is all about first-person shooting. Blizzard Entertainment is the publisher and developer of this game. Explained as a hero shooter, this game keeps assigning the players into two different groups of six and each player is chosen from a wide range of characters who are called heroes with distinctive potentials. The different groups work together for completing the specifically mapped objectives in a restricted period. 

Many new characters, modes of game, have been added by Blizzard and the players can avail all these features for free. The only extra charge that the players need to play is for buying loot boxes which is just an option. These loot boxes can be used to buy cosmetic products. It was launched by Xbox One, PlayStation 4, as well as Windows in May 2016 but for Nintendo Switch in October 2019. 

Overwatch is the fourth significant franchise of Blizzard which came up after the cancellation of Titan in 2014. Titan is also an online multiplayer game that is played widely across the world. A part of the Titan team got inspiration from the success of team-based shooters such as Team Fortress 2 and the reputation of MOBA games to create a shooter based on a hero which gives emphasize on teamwork. Few components of Overwatch have borrowed their concept from the Titan project, which has already been cancelled. The unveiling of Overwatch was at the 2014 edition of Blizzcon event and was in an intact beta from the later part of 2015 through the earlier part of 2016.
What is Overwatch about? 

Overwatch is an online multiplayer game that is a team based as a shooter for the first person. There are various game modes featured in the first person. You can find a lot of gaming modes in this game, particularly designed across the squad related battle with the two teams fighting in opposition with each other. Both these teams have six players in each. The players choose one amongst more than twenty-four ready-made heroic characters out of one of three types of class. Damage heroes can work with the majority of the damage or attack caused for controlling points.

Tank heroes have the capability of absorbing a big amount of attack, and the support heroes that offer to heal benefits all their group mates. There is a unique skill in each hero which can define the distinctive features such as health points as well as run speed, the basic attacks, different active skills, and the final potential which can be used only after it is completely charged for working with the damage made to enemies. 
If you have played games of this series before, you must be aware of the features it offers. There are a lot of added features in this game. Let us take a look at the significant features of this game: 
In a recently conducted interview, the assistant director of Overwatch namely Aaron Keller, and the lead writer, namely Michael Chu have extended a bit more on the ambitions of the team for the play of PvE. Following what Keller has said, there are many heroes included in the work for the game, and that the PvE maps are way bigger than the basic Overwatch maps. This higher scale is availed in the service of sharing more stories in the world of Overwatch. 

The Overwatch helps you in building a narrative, cooperative driven gaming experience that the players have been searching for since the release of the original. So, this is a major feature of this game that focuses more on the narrative aspects of the game. 

Despite having a large emphasis on the all-new modes of co-operative, Kaplan took the time for dispelling the myths that Overwatch loses out in the modes of multiplayer that makes almost 50 million users playing the game primarily. As a matter of fact, by what Kaplan says a large focus for the Overwatch team is now making PvP better as it can be. This game is inclusive of new maps, new characters, and new modes ahead under the line. 

Features of Overwatch 

Overwatch PC Game Download

Name Overwatch
Initial Release Date  27 October 2015
Rating 12+
Series Overwatch

 The Game Award for Game of the Year

PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows
Developers  Blizzard Entertainment, Iron Galaxy
Category PC Games > Shooter

How To Download Overwatch PC Instructions

  • Heroic Missions 

Overwatch – Minimum System Requirement

  • Compatibility 


  • Co-operative missions 

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