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Oxygen Not Included is a popular simulation video game developed and distributed by Klei Entertainment. The game was initially released on Steam’s early access. However, afterward, the game was officially released worldwide on 30th July 2019. This post is about Oxygen Not Included, its gameplay, and its features. Let’s continue to read below for more details. 

In this simulation video game, players find that there’s a scarcity of oxygen, warmth, and sustenance in the space colony. The lack of these natural elements constantly threatens the life and survival of the people. What players have to do is guide them through the perils of subterranean asteroid living and let their population grow. In short, players should aim to help people not survive simply but thrive. The only thing you have to make sure of is not to stop breathing. 

As we already said, Oxygen Not Included is a survival video game. From the game’s beginning, three colonists find themselves lost in a space asteroid with isolated pockets of atmosphere having oxygen. They are left with no memory of how they got there. Players have the task of managing and taking care of these inhabitants while they try to survive in that lonely asteroid. Players also have to create a sustainable makeshift space colony. 
What is Oxygen Not Included about?

The game allows players to monitor the hunger levels, waste, and oxygen levels of the three colonists. The game is divided into different regions. These regions or biomes contain various materials and critters. The initial regions of the asteroid have a breathable atmosphere. But the subsequent areas lack oxygen and are vacuum mostly. Hence, begin you set to explore these areas, you have to be prepared. The regions also have several hazards and diseases and extreme temperatures. The game features the diffusion of gases. The atmospheric pressure gets balanced when a natural chamber is opened. 

To help set the space colony, the players command the colonists to perform certain tasks like growing food, mining, crafting equipment, researching new things, maintaining their good health through nourishment, hygiene and rest. The game, however, doesn’t let players control the colonists directly. They instead provide useful instructions to the colonists which the duplicates have to follow to get the most out of their abilities. For instance, you can command a colonist to build a conduit of wire. Accordingly, the colonists have to collect necessary materials to make the wire, clear dirt if present around the conduit’s path, and then build the wire. If the colonists aren’t able to gather a source of copper for the conduit wire to be built the task would remain incomplete. Meanwhile, the duplicates can go and finish off other tasks given by players. The inhabitants are given stats that determine how effectively they have performed so far. The stats would help them to prioritize the tasks they are best at. With time and practice, the inhabitants can improve their skills. 
As we already mentioned, the game focuses on oxygen scarcity in the space colony. This lack of natural elements is making people’s lives difficult in space. All you have to do is guide the colonists through the perils of the space and help them form a healthy space colony. The game is interesting because of its features. Let’s see the innumerable features that Oxygen Not Included provides to players. 
When you play Oxygen Not Included, everything is under your control. Starting from excavation to gathering resources and excavation process, you can monitor everything. The moment you start to breathe, resources will start to deplete. So make sure to dig faster if you want to live. 

Though the game is stressful, it offers various leisure activities to enjoy. There are great accommodations and even better good for your colony. The colonists have different ways of reacting to stressful situations. So, your task is to keep them happy always. 

Players can build interlocking pipe systems that swiftly deliver fuel and liquid to areas that are facing extreme shortages of supplies. Players have to plan well and strategize the game. When your space colony transforms into a well-oiled machine and healthy environment, you would be rewarded with points. 

Features of Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included PC Game Download

Name Oxygen Not Included
Initial Release Date February 2017
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS
Developer Klei Entertainment
Platforms Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Macintosh operating systems, Classic Mac OS
Genres Survival game, Indie game, Construction and management simulation, Simulation Game, Simulation
Klei Entertainment
Category PC Games >Simulation

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