Pablo Viruega makes sexist comments about Taylor Swift

now, kansas city chiefs They proved their worth National Football League win conference finals baltimore ravenseliminated one of the most popular players in the game and earned his ticket super bowl.There are singers there Taylor Swiftgirlfriend Kelce Travis.

Since the singer started dating the young American football player, she has been spotted supporting her partner at all stadiums, interspersed with her music career, and during her journey of time, A look at the possible two-time champions Chiefs.

However, for Internet commentator ESPN Mexico, Pablo Veruga, That’s not enough for Swift to call herself a sports fanatic. This was proven after he mentioned some unfortunate comments made against the American singer.

What did Veruga say to Taylor?

Today, January 28, 2024, at American Division Finalsfacing what is going to happen super bowl fifty-eightsinger Taylor Swift The commentator was seen several times during the game’s broadcast, but at one point, the commentator made a comment that internet users called “sexist.”

And his partner Eduardo Barrera He asked the singer if he already knew a lot about the sport. In response to the question, Veruga said: “Yeah, at least he knows he’s going with the Reds,” which made them both laugh.

After making the unfortunate comment, the commentator began to receive criticism, so it wasn’t long before he decided to apologize to the public, ensuring that he would be more careful with his comments, ending with “Can we learn from our mistakes?“.

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