“Packed with salmonella”, the food alert goes off: bring it back

Packed with Salmonella bacteria: there is a food product recalled by the Ministry of Health. Don’t consume it, take it back to the supermarket right away.

Contains salmonella, a dangerous food – Nanopress.it

Packed with salmonella: yet another food alert has been triggered by the Ministry of Health for a highly consumed food. After the recall of eggs and chocolate eggs, another food product that is very consumed and appreciated by adults and children is now appearing because it is contaminated by Salmonella bacteria. The food alert has gone off and if you have purchased this product please bring it back immediately. Which food product is it? Keep reading this guide and find out.

Salmonella bacteria: which foods does it infect?

THE Salmonella bacteria they are carried by contaminated food during the handling and preparation process. This bacterium is responsible for gastrointestinal infections. There are two ways of transmission of Salmonella: contact with the faeces of infected animals (cattle, dogs, rodents, etc.) and through contaminated food (chicken, eggs, fish, etc.).

salmonella chicken
chicken full of salmonella – Nanopress.it

The foods most at risk of Salmonella bacteria contamination are: eggs and egg derivatives, milk and milk derivatives, contaminated fruit and water, vegetables, fish and meats (white and red). From the consumption of the contaminated food product approximately 48 hours elapse for the first symptoms to appear.

THE symptoms of salmonellosis are: diarrhea, nausea, abdominal pain, vomiting and fever. The subjects most predisposed to Salmonella bacteria are infants, pregnant women, the elderly and the immunocompromised.

Product chock full of Salmonella: watch out for this type of meat

An investigation had been conducted months ago since Life buoywho had confirmed that 1 out of 3 chicken was tainted by Salmonella bacteria. A few months later, a new investigation was conducted by Other consumptionwhich analyzed 40 packs of chickens purchased in Rome and Milan.

What emerged from this investigation? Out of forty products analyzed as many as 22, more than half showed traces of bacteria, in particular gods Salmonella infantis. These are bacteria that can lead to gastroenteritis, nausea, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, joint pain, headache, etc.

Contamination with Salmonella bacteria has been found in both those from intensive and organic farms, both in packaged and loose products that can be purchased at supermarkets, discount stores and butchers. According to Other consumption contamination can occur from breeding to slaughter and from processing to transport.

Chicken chock full of Salmonella: how to defend yourself?

To avoid the risk of contamination is good advice cook food well before consumption.

chicken full of salmonella – Nanopress.it

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