Pacquiao returned to Marlowe as a supporter.

Has Marlowe, with his 9 out of 9 points, been launched Usain Bolt-style on the maintenance track? It is a bit early to write this. Having been well paid these past two weekends, the Marlowneys have the unquestionable ability to wear their overalls, as President Herrion demands. Like the Devres-Mohimont duo who run for four runs down the middle line. But purists will give little downside to Marlowe’s latest productions, whose playing is no longer as dazzling as in the reign of Edward I, when Dehon provided the necessary dose of lubricant to oil the mechanics. Femenois staff and players would respond that after such a start to the championship, method is far from a priority. Former House member Arthur Paquette, who was in the gallery Saturday evening, confirms this: “I prefer to see Marloui win by playing bad rather than lose by playing well as happened several times at the beginning of the championship. Then, on Saturday, my former club did not steal his success. Live, I thought that Vanze Do’s The penalty was deserved, but after reviewing the TV Lux images, it seems much less clear to me. My man of the match? I would name two. Martinet and Mohimont, who did very good work in midfield.”

Like everyone else, the former Marlovanese was surprised by 2 of his 30 former teammates at the start of the championship. “But I knew that in no way reflected the value of the team, He said. Talking regularly with Marty (Sylvain Martinet), with whom I play mini-football, I never felt that there was a crisis in his locker room. It was clear that Marlowe was out of place and was eventually going to take flight.”

The Telin left-back now enjoys Rochefort B, where he plays under the orders of his former captain Grégory Servais. “His position as coach has not changed him, Arthur Paquette said. Gregory is a man who says his things clearly, but with whom we can always talk. Releasing his own little idiosyncrasies from time to time to lighten the mood (laughs).”

“Patrick will always be Patrick”

His teammates include Patrick Collin and Luca Mica, who are also former Marloi players. “Patrick will always be Patrick. Even at 35, when he comes into the game, he makes a mess. Against Grand-Liège, he came on, dribbled past five players and scored . Patrick, you name it. As for Luca, he is monstrous. Even if he is initially transferred to Team A, he never comes to B with lead feet. An observation that Same goes for all the A’s players who come to help us, by the way. I’ve never seen anyone pull their mouths.”

Arthur Pacquiao discovered Namur P1 this season. “It seems to me a step up from Luxembourg P1. Bisme and Avelet-Jaillet really pleased me. I can tell you that Avelet’s right side, Olozade, drove me crazy. Never has a player impressed me like that “Didn’t fool me.”

Rochefortois, promoted, is sailing in the soft underbelly. “But the series is strange. Against Chevetogne, in the 84th minute (1-2), we were in 4th place. In the 90th minute (4-2), we were in 9th place. One week you play in the top 5, the next You play maintenance on the weekend.”

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