Paid toilets and parking lots for buyers in the Łazarski market. Letter to the vice-president of Poznań

Merchants have no way of getting goods to the market stall. They buy subscriptions in remote parking lots.

On the Łazarski market, an open letter to the vice-president of Poznań, Mariusz Wiśniewski, appeared among the stalls.

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“Promotion for buyers, WC – 1.5 PLN. Parking space 375 PLN / month. Thank you, Mr. Wiśniewski!”

People selling on the Łazarski market informed us about the inconveniences they are still struggling with. The problem also applies to the Jeżycki market. It is mainly about the lack of free parking lots for buyers and their customers. There is also no free toilet. You have to pay 1.5 zlotys for a toilet each time.

As far as unloading is concerned, it is only possible from the parking spaces designated on the side of the florist’s. Entrance to the market square only up to the outline of the roof. You cannot drive between the stalls. Most of the buyers have vans without a lift and “pallet trucks”. Merchants who have stalls inside the market are forced to transport carts and carry boxes by hand. This is a huge handicap. After all, these are considerable burdens. There is no parking for sellers. Many people have subscriptions in remote parking lots – Mr.the inhabitant of Poznań announced.

Despite the renovation, we have old problems. There is still no direct access to the site. Neither our customers nor we have free parking. Visually, it all looks nice, but there are no amenities – added a woman who has been trading on the Łazarski market for several years.

A month ago, the Poznań markets were visited by representatives of Agrounia. They reported live conversations with buyers from the Jeżycki market. One of the sellers also noted the lack of free car parks for customers and the increasingly higher subscription fees.

There, around the corner, there is Biedronka, people prefer to go to Biedronka and buy foreign vegetables and fruits, and they avoid us, because there is nowhere to park here, and if you find a place, you have to pay a lot for parking. In fact, it should be free parking for customers, not that someone has to pay for 15 minutes of parking while going shopping. (…) You can see how they support small trade, they do everything to destroy it. I have been waiting for the renovation of the Jeżyce market since 2010. Everything was supposed to be modernized, please see what it looks like, it’s raining, dirty water is running down people’s backs. People are falling over here, one lady broke a femur – a trader from the Jeżycki market said for Agrounia.

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