Palazzo Chigi to the ministries, Meloni is ‘the president’. ‘Call me Giorgia …’ – Politics

“For appropriate information, we inform you that the title to be used for the President of the Council of Ministers is:” The President of the Council of Ministers, Hon. Giorgia Meloni “. This is what we read in a communication addressed” to all ministries. “by the new general secretary of Palazzo Chigi, Carlo Deodato.

The image of the letter, on the headed paper of the Prime Minister, Office of the State Ceremonial and for the honors, has bounced on the social networks. The communication was then confirmed by sources from multiple ministries.

The image of communication to the ministries

In the evening Giorgia Meloni intervenes to clear the field. “I read that the main topic of discussion today would be internal bureaucratic circulars, more or less wrong, around the great theme of how to define the first woman Prime Minister. Go ahead. I am dealing with bills, taxes, work, certainty of punishment, budgetary maneuvers. As I see it, you can call me as you think, even Giorgia “. So the Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni on Instagram intervenes on the controversy related to the definition of her role.