Palermo – Perugia: 2-0 Serie B 2022/2023. Final result and commentary on the match

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    Thank you for following the live Palermo-Perugia 2-0 and see you at the next Serie B matches.22:58

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    Brunori and Elia give the first victory of the season to Mr. Corini and to the fans, present in mass this evening at the Renzo Barbera in Palermo. Something to review, however, in the ranks of Castori: the defensive phase is not good, guilty of suffering a few counterattacks too many. The two teams in the next round will face Bari and Parma respectively.22:58

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    Very balanced game in the first half until the 23rd minute, where Lisi was sent off with a consequent penalty in favor of the hosts. Brunori does not forgive and leads Palermo forward. In the second half it is Palermo who manage the match, but Perugia touches the equalizer twice. It’s up to the former Salvatore Elia to close the game, served splendidly by Brunori, with an assist that pierces the red and white rearguard. In the final there were some opportunities on both sides, but the result remained 2-0.22:54

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    It ends here! Palermo beat Perugia 2-0!22:47

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    Final pressing of Perugia who can not find the way of shooting on goal.22:46

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    Soleri tries. Nice cross from the right by Matteo Stoppa, the player on loan from Sampdoria, who catches the attacker in the penalty area. The number 27 hits with a counterbalance but the ball goes high.22:45

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    Three points for the hosts who start off on the right foot and take home a well-deserved victory.22:48

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    There will be 5 minutes of recovery.22:42

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    Palermo substitution: the author of the second goal Salvatore Elia comes out to the applause, in his place Edoardo Pierozzi.22:41

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    Fifth and final substitution for Perugia: Miloš Vulić leaves, Andrea Ghion enters.22:38

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    Perugia substitution: Marcos Curado exits, Gabriele Angella enters.22:38

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    Soft cross from Vulic on a free-kick, Pigliacelli manages to push her into the corner just before the intervention of the Perugian hitters.22:35

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    Yellow Card for Ionuţ Nedelcearu! The rosanero defender is jumped by Olivieri on the left side of the penalty area and knocks him out. Punishment for Perugia.22:33

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    Buttaro one step away from 3-0! The rosanero defender receives the ball inside the penalty area on the right side, doesn’t think twice and kicks hard and low: the ball touches the post to Gori’s right and ends up on the bottom. Big chance.22:32

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    Brunori again! Photocopy action compared to a little while ago, with the same outcome. Unbalanced body and shot from the edge of the area that ends up high.22:28

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    Brunori tries again! The attacker recovers a ball in the trocar and arrives at the conclusion, which ends up high over the crossbar.22:27

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    Perugia substitution: Federico Melchiorri exits, Marco Olivieri enters.22:37

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    Perugia substitution: Edoardo Iannoni leaves, Yeferson Paz Blandón enters.22:23

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    GOAL! PALERMO-Perugia 2-0! Salvatore Elia scored! This time it’s all good. Nice ball cut by Matteo Brunori who finds a corridor for his teammate. The number 77 all alone makes no mistake with the right, slipping centrally, under the arms of Gori.

    Look at the player’s card Salvatore Elia22:24

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    Corini opts for a more defensive full-back, after having risked conceding the equalizer.22:17

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    Substitution for Palermo: Marco Sala leaves, Roberto Crivello enters22:15

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    PERUGIA OPPORTUNITY! What a mistake by Melchiorri! Another loose ball, this time arrives on the feet of the red and white number 9 who, all alone in front of Pigliacelli, kicks to the side to the left of the goalkeeper.22:14

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    Kouan tries! The Ivorian striker throws himself on a loose ball inside the penalty area and kicks with a tip, wide.22:13

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    Substitution for Palermo: Nicola Valente exits and Matteo Stoppa enters.22:11

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    Yellow Card for Marcos Curado! Yet another card for the visiting team, with an impetuous intervention by the red and white 21.22:08

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    Another counterattack from Palermo, which advances in the Perugia metacampo in numerical superiority. This time the defenders of Beavers manage to close.22:06

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    Valente tries on punishment! The home team specialist tries to get the ball to pass over the barrier, but just barely crosses the crossbar.22:04

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    Yellow Card for Christian Kouan Oulaï! The player in the red and white jersey overwhelms Elia on the edge of the area after a nice serpentine from the attacker in the rosanero jersey.22:03

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    The second half begins! It starts from the result of 1-0 for the hosts, who manage the first ball of the second half.21:56

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    First substitution at home Palermo: Roberto Floriano leaves, Edoardo Soleri enters.21:56

  • Palermo who, after the expulsion of Lisi, managed the advantage and doubled a few seconds before the end of the first half, with another counterattack well managed by Corini’s players. Elia served by Brunori hole Gori, but the VAR intervenes which cancels for offside. It remains on the result of 1-0.21:47

  • Very intense first half and blocked until the key episode. Corner kick for Perugia, who lose a bloody ball on the edge of the opponent’s area and find themselves completely uncovered in defense. 3 against 1 of Palermo on the counterattack, with Lisi overwhelming Elia launched against Gori. Penalty kick well done by Brunori, who kicks hard centrally displacing the Perugian goalkeeper.21:49

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    The first half of Palermo-Perugia ends! Result of 1-0 for the hosts.21:39

  • 45 ‘+ 5’

    Goal canceled at Palermo! Action photocopy of the first goal, with Perugia all forward for a corner kick. Brunori brings the ball and serves Elia all alone in front of Gori who does not forgive. The rosanero attacker, however, was just a few centimeters ahead of the Perugian rearguard. It remains 1-0.21:38

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    There will be 5 minutes of recovery.21:32

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    A bit confusing final by both teams, with numerous turnovers on both sides.21:31

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    Brunori tries from the limit! He receives the ball with his back to the goal, turns and kicks with his right: he kicks badly to the side, to Gori’s right.21:29

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    Giuseppe Di Serio tries immediately. He enters the area from the side and kicks with his right. He doesn’t hit well and the ball ends up on the bottom.21:24

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    Substitution of Perugia, Samuele Righetti leaves and Giuseppe Di Serio enters. First substitution of Perugia.21:42

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    Miloš Vulić Yellow Card! Another yellow card at Perugia, with Vulic grabbing Floriano by the shirt in the middle of the pitch. Tactical foul and fourth yellow in the match.21:21

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    Ivan Marconi remains on the ground for a blow to the head. The medical staff on the field.21:20

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    Roberto Floriano Yellow Card! Yellow card for the rosanero captain for a late intervention.21:18

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    GOAL! PALERMO-Perugia 1-0! Brunori scored! Central power penalty kick, with Gori diving to his right.

    Look at the player’s card Matteo Brunori21:13

  • 23 ‘

    Red Card Francesco Lisi! Palermo counterattack after a corner kick from Perugia which is incredibly open in defense. Lisi is forced to overwhelm Elia, all alone in front of Gori.21:17

  • 23 ‘

    Penalty kick for Palermo!21:10

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    Melchiorri tries with a power shot from the left side of the area. Walled up by the Palermo rearguard.21:06

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    Another cross from the right by Floriano, still in Gori’s arms.21:04

  • 16 ‘

    Insidious cross from Elia. Bravo Gori to block.21:03

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    Very physical game so far, the players on the pitch fight on all the balls.21:02

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    Yellow Card Cristian Dell’Orco! Elia starts from the right of the area, points to Dell’Orco and jumps it. The defender from Perugia knocks him out and is cautioned. Side free kick from a very interesting position.21:00

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    Brunori receives the ball in the area and tries to hit but is blocked.20:56

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    Look for the cross Iannoni, rebounded. First corner of the match.20:53

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    Yellow Card Edoardo Iannoni! First yellow of the match, with the number 4 from Perugia coming in late in a slip.20:52

  • 2′

    Long throw in the direction of Melchiorri who does not get there, blocks Pigliacelli on the ground.20:49

  • Parties! First possession for Perugia.20:47

  • The match will be directed by referee Ayroldi from Molfetta.20:38

  • Today the Renzo Barbera of Palermo was very warm, with about fifteen thousand fans present.20:36

  • Castori opts for a 3-man defense for his Perugia, in front of Gori there will be Sgarbi, Curado and Dell’Orco. A thick 5-man midfield made up of Casasola, Iannoni, Vulic, Lisi, Righetti. In attack Kouan in support of Melchiorri.20:32

  • OFFICIAL FORMATIONS: Perugia responds with a 3-5-1-1: Gori – Sgarbi, Curado, Dell’Orco – Casasola, Iannoni, Vulic, Lisi, Righetti – Kouan – Melchiorri.20:31

  • Corini’s Palermo has a 4-2-3-1, with Brunori leading the rosanero attack, supported by Valente, Floriano and Elia. The dam in the middle of the field formed by Darmiani and Broh. In defense Buttaro, Nedelcearu, Marconi and Sala. In the Pigliacelli gate.20:31

  • OFFICIAL FORMATIONS: Palermo shows up with a 4-2-3-1: Pigliacelli – Buttaro, Nedelcearu, Marconi, Sala-Darmiani, Broh – Valente, Floriano, Elia – Brunori.20:30

  • There are 30 precedents between the two teams: 10 are the victories for the hosts, 11 for the guests, while there are 9 draws.20:30

  • Perugia is also preparing to face the new season under a new technical guide, that of Fabrizio Castori, an expert in the category. Last season Perugia had finished in eighth position at the end of a good championship.20:29

  • The rosanero after dark years are back in the cadet series and, with the new ownership, the City Fooball Group (the same as Manchester City and New York City), are aiming high for the new season.20:27

  • At the helm of the hosts there will be the new coach Eugenio Corini, who collects the legacy left by Silvio Baldini. Corini himself last season, at the helm of Brescia, had eliminated Perugia in the preliminary round of the playoffs.20:26

  • Welcome to the direct written of the match between Palermo-Perugia, valid for the 1st day of the Serie B championship.20:14

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