Palladium Hotel Group launches Palladium Cares, a new identity that encompasses all its CSR projects – Society

Three priority tasks are focused: people, community and planet

Palladium Hotel Group introduces Palladium Care, a new identity under which all the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of the Ibizan Hotel Group seek to reaffirm its commitment to the environment and society, growing in the world. The last few years.

With the birth of Palladium Care, the projects that the company carries out in Europe and America are harmonized and reinforced, clarifying the strategy of cooperation and joint actions with local NGOs and professional training centers.

The hotel company, headed by Abel Matutes, thus proposes a comprehensive strategy that further enhances its position as an “agent of positive change” in the world of tourism, clearly three strategic actions with a strong social component separates the work areas.

“Palladium Care is much more than a Corporate Social Responsibility policy, it is an integral strategy of the company with which we join forces to replicate best practices”, explained the CEO of Palladium Hotel Group, who presented the new identity this Tuesday . With the Director of Social Responsibility of the Madrid company Gloria Juste.

Improving the lives of employees.

The first vertical focuses on internal social responsibility and will integrate actions that seek to improve the lives of its approximately 13,000 employees under the slogan ‘Our People’; Second, the External Social Responsibility called ‘Our Community’ will work on the implementation of two large projects in Europe and the US that will have a real positive impact on the communities where they operate; And, finally, responsibility with the environment. ‘Our Planet’ is a vertical that incorporates new measures and continues existing measures to protect the planet.

Jesus Sobrino, CEO of Palladium Hotel Group, assured that Palladium Care was created with the aim of reinforcing the company’s historical commitment to CSR, giving continuity to existing projects, strengthening them and promoting new ones.

“We focus first and foremost on our internal team, to continue to make a positive impact and, in parallel, on our communities and the environment. We recognize in social work an element that develops our sense of belonging and the bond we have with our partners. And strengthens. “, explained the manager, assuring that it is a question of” attitude and identity “.

Palladium Hotel Group, during its experience of more than 50 years, has been developing various Corporate Social Responsibility actions in various sectors and now, through initiatives which include Palladium Care, it takes another step in this commitment.

“We work in a different way with full adaptation to the reality of each destination so that the improvement strategies are real,” Sobrino explained, stressing that they will focus on the communities in which they operate.

Team, central focus.

In the part that refers to the team, the project aims to integrate various initiatives that will improve the lives of employees and their environment. For this, the company itself has done a need analysis through extensive consultation with the employees. This process has resulted in 98 new initiatives, the implementation of which has already started.

Some of these measures include improvements in offers for leave and free time, welfare, housing and transport for personnel he trusts will reach his 14,000 workers.

For this, CSR cabinets have been created in each hotel (from top management to new employees) which meet periodically with the Palladium Corporate CSR department to analyze the current plan and implement continuous improvements.

“We are convinced that our people are the main asset of our company and we must reflect this by giving them all kinds of help and support, both in material aspects and in monitoring and training their careers,” says Gloria Juste, Director of Social Responsibility in the company.

Support for the communities in which it operates.

Local communities will be another focus of the company’s action. At this time, two important projects have emerged that will be developed both in Europe and America, and which are in line with the objective of contributing as a company, “a grain of sand” that has a positive impact on the destinations in which it operates. does, “as a token of gratitude and pride in these communities”.

In the US, the group has begun working with local public bodies to build vocational training centers that will develop vocational training and education opportunities.

These activities will be implemented in the various destinations where Palladium Hotel Group is present, starting now with Brazil, Mexico and Jamaica. These institutions would facilitate access to the labor market for those who complete the proposed training programs, “on the basis that the best social support is employment.”

In Europe, on the other hand, the ‘4 reasons to take action’ project has been launched, which will be carried out in four phases throughout the year and will focus on four specific causes: childhood, inequality, the planet and caring for the environment.

The project will be articulated around a list of collaboration opportunities between each hotel operated by the group in Spain and Italy and the local NGOs selected for the project. “The project aims to generate synergies that maximize the initiative’s impact in the identified areas of action,” he tells the company.

Minimize the footprint of tourism activity.

The third of the pillars is the responsibility towards the planet. Throughout its history, the company has promoted various measures to protect the environment, with which it has sought to reduce the footprint of its tourism activity.

Now, through Palladium Cares, the group will continue to strengthen these actions globally and follow up on implementation audits aimed at evaluating their effectiveness. This follow-up will make it possible to update a continuous improvement plan, which outlines several lines of action: continued plastic reduction, sustainable use of natural resources such as water, waste reduction and proper management, biodiversity conservation, etc.

As a novelty, it is worth noting the implementation of several projects that the group is launching, such as a center for sustainable agricultural production in Brazil with courses on environmental education, caring for the planet and optimizing production.

In addition, in Jamaica it has deployed a fish sanctuary, a protected area made up of coral reefs, seagrass beds and mangrove wetlands, which protects food sources, nesting sites and marine life.

The Palladium Hotel Group has a Top Employer certification, which the group has held for three years and which was already extended in 2022 to all destinations where the group is present: Spain, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Brazil and Jamaica.

In the area of ​​commitment to the environment, the Group maintains various measures focused on three focuses of action: the circular economy, with programs for the recovery, recycling and reuse of resources; responsible use of resources such as water or energy; or Protecting Biodiversity, where groups have created safe spaces for the rehabilitation, care and recovery of protected species.

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