Para-Powerlifting (World Championships-2023): Algeria appears in Dubai with seven athletes including two girls

The Algerian para-powerlifting selection, with seven athletes including two girls and one junior, will take part in the discipline’s World Championships in Dubai (Arab Emirates) from August 22 to 30, which will qualify for the Paris-2024 Paralympic Games. We learned yesterday from the National Technical Directorate (DTN) of the Algerian Handisport Federation (FAH).

The event, which is expected to see a record participation (160 para-powerlifters from 79 countries), is of particular importance, as it will attract the discipline’s world and Paralympic champions, who will compete for places at the Paris-2024 Paralympic Games. “We are aiming for the best possible outcome in a very important meeting for everyone involved. Our athletes are committed to taking up the challenge and we have a chance to validate some qualification places.

Algerian para-powerlifting has begun to make its way into the world elite, and our team continues to grow with the arrival of other athletes who need help improving their performance. He is the future of this discipline in Algeria. national coach Mohamed Salah Benatta said. The national technical staff’s choice for the Dubai Worlds fell on the most successful athletes: Hossein Betir (65kg), Hadj Ali Mohammed (88kg), Bayor Haj Ahmed (49kg), Khodja Aymen (59kg), Samira Guerioua (45kg) ), Nasera Merar (79 kg), and junior Chams Edin Boudra (49 kg).

,He is an athlete from whom we have high hopes. Together we prepared for this world championship, an important tournament that every athlete does not want to miss. Each of them has the potential that allows him not only to participate in this world championship, but also to make good accusations, being very focused on his subject from start to finish.Benatta explained. And to add: “They will take part in this competition without any pressure for which they have prepared well.

Now there, they have to give up their efforts, concentrate on the purpose for which they had traveled and focus very much on the competition. With regard to injuries, which are the archenemy of athletes in strength sports, the coach is happy, as the athletes are doing well, except for minor injuries that only require good care.

For the captain of this national para-powerlifting team, bronze medalist of the last Paralympic Games in Tokyo-2021, Hossein Betir, he and his compatriots will not have an easy task, as it is largely a question of the world championships, of the next Paralympics. Door option. “I think the World Championships in Dubai will be the toughest, as they will be the last world qualifiers for the Paris-2024 Games. We are already in the competition and focusing on our subject for which we have done a great job under the leadership of our staff.

So much effort deserves a good performance, and there, there is merit to the big event in Paris that we all dream of”, Underlined by Bettir, who with his long experience of big events, tries to inspire his teammates. In addition, Bettir, who is currently ranked third in the world, is one of the big names that will be present in Dubai, along with the likes of Egypt’s Osman Sherif (59kg), Tokyo 2020 Jordanian champion Omar Qarada (59kg), 49 kg) will also be included. ) and two-time Paralympic champion UAE legend Mohammed Khamis Khalaf, who will compete in the men’s 97kg category.

The Algerian delegation, which ended more than a week’s pre-competitive course on Monday, was due to fly to the emirate’s capital tomorrow afternoon. On site, training sessions are planned for the Algerian athletes at the same time as the other participants, while a technical meeting of various staff will be held the day before the start of the tournament to develop the program of the competition. August 22 for juniors and August 23 for seniors
(Gentlemen and ladies).

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