Paradox Effect, Olga Kurylenko and Harvey Keitel protagonists of the new thriller

Harvey Keitel is set to return to the big screen after agreeing to reprise his role as Peter Sadusky in Templar Mystery 3. The actor’s new project is the thriller Paradox effect, alongside Olga Kurylenko. The film will be directed by Scott Weintrob, with production starting in Italy in January.

In Paradox Effect, Keitel plays a violent boss who kidnaps a woman’s daughter. She teams up with a corrupt Interpol agent, whose son is also being held hostage, and she concocts a plan to con some criminals and recover the ransom money.

The screenplay of the film was written by Samuel Bartlett, Andrea Iervolino and Ferdinando Dell’Omo. Harvey Keitel, after returning to work with Martin Scorsese in the film The Irishman, released in 2019, has worked on two other projects in the last two years: Fatima, directed by Marco Pontecorvo, and Lansky, released in 2021, directed by Eytan Rockaways. Discover Harvey Keitel’s most iconic roles in our in-depth analysis.

Olga Kurylenko participated in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Black Widow, released in 2021, alongside Scarlett Johansson, playing Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster.
The actress has worked in several thrillers and action films throughout her career and this project seems to fit her perfectly. On Everyeye you will find the review of Mara, the latest horror starring Kurylenko.

We will keep you updated on further developments regarding Paradox Effect, the production of which is about to begin.

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