Paramount + unveils the main cast of the prequel series

The drama will tell the origins of the characters Gal Dove, Don Logan and Teddy Bass, played in the British gangster film by Ray Winston, Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane.

Work continues on Sexy Beastthe British original series of Paramount + which is the prequel to the cult gangster movie of the same name from 2000. Pending the release of the series, arriving in 2023, the streaming video service has revealed the names of the actors that will be part of the main cast.

Sexy Beast: The plot of the series

Meanwhile, we remind you what the series will tell. The drama will trace the origin story of Gal Dove characters Don Logan and Teddy Bass, played in the film respectively by Ray Winston, Ben Kingsley And Ian McShane. It will explore Gal and Don’s complicated relationship as Gal gets carried away by the seductive madness of the London crime world during the vibrant and unstable 90s and as she falls in love with DeeDee. In the film, you will remember, Dove was a happily retired former robber who one day met an old-time friend-enemy who involved him in what must have been the last blow in his life: an underwater robbery of the safes of a bank.

The new protagonists: James McArdle, Emun Elliott, Sarah Greene, Stephen Moyer and others

James McArdle (Murder in Easttown) leads the cast in the role of a young Gal Dove, with Emun Elliot (The Gold) as Don Logan, Gal’s best friend. The two are small town thieves living a good life in 90s East London.

Sarah Greene (Normal People) plays Deedee, an adult movie star with the potential to disrupt Gal’s entire life. Stephen Moyer (Shots Fired) is Teddy Bass, a rising name in the gangster world, with whom Gal and Don get the chance to work in a high-profile heist. Tamsin Greig (Episodes) is Don’s stern and formidable older sister, Cecilia.

Other cast members are Eliza Bennett (Dynasty), Clea Martin (Hanna), Nicholas Nunn (The Victim), John Dagleish (The Third Day), Robbie Gee (Motherland), Paul Kaye (The Stranger), Lex Shrapnel (Infinite), Cally Lawrence (Who Is Alice), David Kennedy (Hollyoaks), Nitin Ganatra (EastEnders) and Alice Bailey Johnson (This Is Going to Hurt). “I feel so lucky to be able to explore these beautifully painted characters a decade before meeting them in the original story,” said the showrunner. Michael Caleo. “This series has been a great passion of mine for many years and I can’t wait to see it come to life with this fantastic cast.”

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