Paris Fashion Week: Balmain has 50 creations stolen 10 days before the show

Fashion house Balmain saw its van attacked during transport. Fifty pieces from the collection disappeared less than ten days before the Paris Fashion Week show.

It’s an Instagram post that has shaken up the fashion world. Olivier Rousteing, designer for the house of Balmain, announced that he had 50 pieces intended for Paris Fashion Week (from September 25 to October 3) stolen.

A little over a week before the big day, the French stylist is distraught:

“It’s unfair, my team and I worked so hard”

The fashion house’s van was attacked by several individuals during the night from Saturday to Sunday. Thirty kilometers separated Roissy airport and Balmain headquarters. The driver is safe and sound.

Parade maintained

The amazement quickly gave way to work. The Balmain house does not intend to cancel its fashion show scheduled for September 27. Blenda Clerjon, educational director at the French Fashion Institute (IFM), speaks on the subject:

“Fifty pieces is huge, it’s hours and hours of work. It’s impossible to bring everything back as it was but it won’t be of lower quality. Balmain has enough resources to find out how to replace pieces and stay at the top of the range”

Olivier Rousteing will probably not present a complete collection, but the quality will remain there. Recently, Beyoncé wore several pieces from Balmain during her latest tour. Emily Blunt also sported one of her dresses for the Oppenheimer premiere in Paris.

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