Paris greatly impressed by the Polish club. “This is fantastic”

Polish handball fans and Łomża Vive Kielce fans have reasons to be proud this season. Talant Duyshebaev’s team is extremely effective and goes from victory to victory. In the Polish league, she has not lost a match yet, in European cups she recorded only one strange slip-up with the average Dinamo Bukareszt. However, it won with the tycoons. Twice with a receipt, she sent, among others, Barcelona, ​​they also won against Veszper or PSG. Tonight Kielce will play in a very interesting, promising rematch with the French champion.

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Rollercoaster VIVE and promotion to Final4. “They will have an idea to win the tournament”

“What They Did is Fantastic”

– It’s been a long time since there was such a strong group in the Champions League. After all, the first four teams have already played in the Final Four of this tournament – tells us Kamil Syprzak, rotating PSG. The competitor informs that the achievements of the Polish team are impressive, also on the French.

Kielce, November 24, 2021.  Handball Champions League: Łomża Vive Kielce - BarcelonaThis is the table after the victory of Łomża Vive with Barcelona. A phenomenal situation

– What Kielce has done so far is fantastic. You can see that they function perfectly as a team. I know, however, that their potential is even greater, that they can do even better. Let me remind you of their slip-up in Bucharest, says Syprzak. Vive lost this first match of Bucharest unexpectedly 29:32. It had a weaker start and only partially recovered from the first half. In the first game against PSG, however, it was very effective, which could not be said in the first half, about the finish by the French. In the next 7 matches, however, PSG won, incl. by beating FC Porto twice. In the second match with this team, Syprzak was the best player of the match, he scored 9 goals.

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– Our two wins against Porto gave us a chance for top positions in the group. Regarding the upcoming game with Vive, it will be an important game. However, let’s not forget that this event starts after the group stage – he says. When asked what contributes to such a good performance and what he does to replicate his performance from Porto, he says there is no single answer to it.

“The line of self-confidence and overconfidence is thin”

– It is determined by the order of the day, but also by how you slept and rested. I pay attention to what I eat the day before the game, what I eat on the day of the game. Good performances also wind up, give you self-confidence. Surely, after a game where I hit 9 throws out of 9, the game is better. However, you have to be careful, because the line of self-confidence and over-confidence is thin. I try to prepare individually for each match. I have a lot of rituals, but I will leave them to myself. If I were to list them all and describe them, for sure a few people would wonder if I’m okay – smiles the player who recently extended his contract with PSG (until 2023).

As Syprzak tells us, the PSG coach returned to what happened in the Legionów hall in October before the rematch (Vive won with PSG 38:33).

– We always watch our matches and the matches of the opponent. The coach analyzed the game of Kielce inhabitants. In this first game we did not play badly, there was even a chance to win it. What characterizes the Vive is that they always play to the end. Barcelona beat them by four goals seven minutes left. And what? And she lost. Polish teams or the national team are famous for the fact that even when they lose by seven goals, they keep their heads up and it often pays off – tells us Syprzak. When we ask the Polish representative, who has a lot of colleagues from France at PSG, why so few Poles are currently playing for Vive, he shrugs his shoulders.

Vive’s foreign enlistment is not the club’s fault

– The fact that Vive is not in the majority of Poles is not the club’s fault. Rather, it is due to training. It is bad that a few years ago, young players at the national team level were not introduced to the national team, as is the case in France or Denmark. As a result, now they have little representation experience – tells us Syprzak. He on the Seine, where he came from Barcelona, ​​feels like a fish in the water, which is also reflected in his performances. He is a basic player for the coach of Raul Gonzalez Gutierrez.

– Starligue is a physical league. It is fantastic here, because there are a lot of players of my size. There is nothing to compare it with Spain. When someone once laughed that the Polish league is stronger than the Spanish league, I had a dream to take 5 teams from both and make a tournament, play everyone. We would see who would go. For me, the best league is the German one, but right behind it is the French one. The level is high here – tells us Syprzak.

Soon on an interview with a player who, after leaving Płock in 2015, plays for the largest clubs in Europe.

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