Paris Hilton’s husband has an illegitimate daughter. The girl wants to meet her father

Paris Hilton has been happily married for several days. The celebrity married a billionaire – Carter Reum. Now it has turned out that he has an illegitimate daughter. The girl wants to meet her father.

Paris Hilton several years ago she was the leading party animal of American show business. The heiress of the hotel fortune did not shy away from attending clubs where she appeared alongside the greatest celebrities. She quickly gained a large group of fans and began to try her strength to exist even more. She recorded an album, wrote a book and appeared regularly on reality shows. After a few years, she decided to quit the parties and turned into a serious businesswoman.

After many failed relationships, she also found happiness in love. Two years ago, her relationship with a famous entrepreneur began Carter Reum. On the day of the beloved’s 40th birthday, the man surprised her with an incredible gift and proposed. The heiress of fortune received an engagement ring on a private island, and shared photos of this special moment on Instagram.

Paris Hilton’s husband has a daughter from a previous relationship. What are their relationships?

Paris and Carter were married on November 11. They planned the event on a grand scale for 3 days. A lot of famous guests had fun at the wedding of lovers. Among them were Kim Kardashian, Paula Abdul, Emma Stone, Bebe Rexha, and many celebrities from the headlines. The lovers invited their wedding guests to the estate of her late grandfather Barron Hilton in Bel-Air, California. The paparazzi immediately appeared on the scene to take some photos.

As reported by the portal Page Six A billionaire who married a celebrity has a daughter from a previous relationship who he did not boast to the world. Before he got involved with his future wife, he dated Laura Bellizziwho was the heroine of a reality show Secrets of Aspen. She is the mother of his 9-year-old. The man is not to maintain any contact with the girl, but only to pay child support.

Those interested have known about this story for almost a decade. Carter pays for the baby. It is true that they do not have traditional relationships, but they have been bearing on it from birth and still intend to do so – comments the man’s lawyer.

As reported by the tabloid informant, the girl, seeing her father’s wedding, was inconsolable. She has always felt ignored by him. Apparently she would like to meet him.

The news of Dad’s wedding caused her a lot of extreme emotions. She feels abandoned and omitted forever. She had also seen articles about her planning to start a family with Paris, and that only increased those feelings. I want to have contact with him and just get to know him. He is at such an age that he wants to know every detail of his own surroundings. It’s important to let her do that. It’s not about him or his new wife, it’s about the child’s life.

Neither Carter nor Paris have spoken publicly about the girl and their relationship. Do you think a man will eventually decide to forge a bond with his daughter?

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