Paris, man armed with a knife at Charles de Gaulle airport: killed by the police –

A man armed with a knife was killed by an agent: the Paris police headquarters reported on Twitter

A man was killed Wednesday morning at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport, near the French capital Parisafter brandishing a knife.

According to AFP reports, it happened at terminal 2F. The man, a homeless man, was disturbing security officers and border police at around 8.20 in the morning. The police were then alerted to intervene and get him away.

The man initially walked away, insulting the officers, but then pulled out a knife. The exact dynamics are not yet known, but according to what some agencies report the police would have ordered him several times to put the knife to the ground, without result. The agents at that point they opened firekilling him.

A AFP photographer, who witnessed the scene, explained that a tall man brandished an object that looked like a knife at the police. A warning was given but he stepped forward and a policeman fired. only one shot was fired. The victim, wounded in the abdomen, was placed on a stretcher and evacuated to an area not accessible to passengers, he added.

The confirmation also arrived on Twitter, from the account of the Paris police headquarters: The police neutralized a threatening individual in possession of a knife at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport this morning.

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