Parreira is the guest of the PodCopa premiere

Commander of the Brazilian team in the 1994 world title, Carlos Alberto Parreira was the ‘selected’ for the premiere of the PodCopa podcast, ESPN’s original content commanded by Gláucia Santiago and Mauro Naves aimed at the 2022 World Cup

sensations with the Real Madrid in the title of LaLiga and in the campaign that put the club in the final of Uefa Champions League, Vinicius Jr. and rodrygo consolidated as stars on the international football scene this season and became constant names in coach Tite’s call-ups in Brazilian Team.

And that couldn’t have happened at a more opportune moment: on the eve of Qatar World Cup. But the excitement with the duo led by Carlo Ancelotti is not restricted to the current commander of the five-time world champion team.

Commander of the Brazilian team in the 1994 world title, Carlos Alberto Parreira no longer hides his enthusiasm for having Vinicius Jr. and Rodrygo among Brazil’s offensive options.

The coach of Brazil in winning the tetra was the ‘summoned up’ for the debut of the podcast podcuporiginal content of ESPN commanded by Gláucia Santiago and Mauro Naves geared towards the 2022 World Cup.

Coach of Brazil in the 1994 and 2006 World Cupsin addition to having been technical coordinator in 2014the former coach pointed to Real Madrid’s jewels as pieces that could raise the team’s level even further in the fight for the sixth star.

“To win the Cup you have to have two or three outstanding players. Neymar is one of them. You have to get Vinicius, who is playing a lot at Real Madrid, Rodrygo, who is showing up well when he joins. There have to be two or three out of the box to make a difference”, said Parreira to the podcuppointing out precisely the moment of dispute of the World Cup in Qatar as an important stage of maturity for the Merengue duo.

“I think it will arrive at that moment in the Cup. Neymar, without a doubt, is the big name, but he is not the unbalancing factor. We have Thiago (Silva), a lady personality, Daniel Alves. We have Neymar and we are rooting for Vini to make that impact. And Rodrygo, if he enters. I really like this player. He has played very well at Real Madrid, he has that facility, the ability to enter and decide. I think that’s fundamental”.

Asked about the praise for Rodrygo, the Tetra commander did not hide his admiration for the 21-year-old striker, who stood out with Real Madrid in the Champions League knockout stage.

“I like him a lot, I think he can be useful during the Cup. No pressure for Tite, but I think it could be useful. You don’t win the Cup with eleven players. Even more the attackers who get hurt a lot. There has to be people there ready to come in and correspond. If they need Rodrygo, I think he will come in and respond.”

Even with the growth of young people like the jewels of Flamengo and saintswhich are now gaining prominence in Europe, the main name of the Brazilian team in the search for hexa follows the same as in 2014 and 2018: Neymar.

But unlike previous editions, however, the experience and experience of the career take the place of the expectation that surrounded the shirt 10 to lead the selection to the world title.

“I think that at 30 years old, going into the third Cup, Neymar is a leader that should be considered a leader positively. He can help the group a lot in this achievement. At his side we will have, if he is called up, Rodrygo, Vini, Richarlison… good players who can do much more with Neymar’s experience. I think he can still be very useful to the Brazilian team.”

Once again at the top of the FIFA rankings after the historic qualifying campaign, the team will return to the field in June for the friendlies against South Korea and Japan. The expectation was that it could happen, at least in this final stretch of preparation, an expected duel against teams from Europe, a fact that ended up barred by the UEFA calendar.

In Parreira’s view, the absence of confrontations against the European teams is negative for the evolution of the team led by Tite.

“It is greatly missed. And it’s not because of the lack of interest of the selection, of the coach. The calendar doesn’t allow it. Ask any coach who has played for the national team in the last 15 years. We love to play against the Europeans. I took a stage even though we would go to Europe to play against them, we would do a four or five game tour. Now there is no longer that possibility.”

The PodCopa podcast airs every Thursday and will have extra editions on special dates and during the World Cup.

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