Parting ways with Kuntz! This is the new coach of the national team

Parting ways with Kuntz!  This is the new coach of the national team

In the 5th match of Euro 2024 Qualifiers Group D, our national team lost two important points after playing a 1-1 draw with Armenia. After the match, German coach Stefan Kuntz was the target of criticism. According to breaking news, she and Stephen Kuntz are separating. The coach who will replace him has also been announced. Here are the details of the breaking news…

Merih Demirel was suspended!

Merih Demirel was suspended!

Resignation statement!

Stefan Kuntz, coach of the national team that hosted Armenia in the Euro 2024 qualifiers and played to a 1-1 draw, made a statement. National football team coach Stefan Kuntz said, “You are being criticized and are invited to resign. What are your thoughts?” “Who are they criticizing? We had about 8-10 chances, but we couldn’t convert them into goals. For example, is it him?” He replied.

TFF President Büyükçi’s statement on Kuntz

Making a statement following the criticisms made about Stefan Kuntz, Turkish Football Federation President Mehmet Büyükçeksi said, “For today, the issue is not Stefan Kuntz. If we lose we will be with our entire technical team and football players. Lost. When we say we lost, we didn’t mean we lost the match, we lost 2 points. We have great friendships in our team right now. Our entire board of directors is here. Everyone supports . We also thank the people of Eskisehir very much. They supported the Turkish national team very well. Hopefully we will leave them too. “We will come in better and beautiful days,” he said.

We didn’t get the win we wanted.

If we beat the Armenians once again, who we beat away from home, we would have a chance to consolidate our place at the top and increase the points gap with our rivals, but we may not get that win. Could do whatever we wanted. In the second match of the group, Croatia defeated Latvia 5-0. After these results, A Nationals got 10 points in their 5th match and maintained their lead. Our remaining three matches in the group are as follows; We will play against Croatia (D), Latvia and Wales (D).

Koontz is leaving, the hunter is coming!

According to Sabah newspaper reporter Mehmet Ozcan, the TFF decided to part ways with national team coach Stefan Kuntz. Abdullah Awasi will replace Stefan Kuntz as head of the national team. It is a matter of curiosity whether TFF will take such a decision before the friendly match against Japan…

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