Pascale Van Damme, the first woman to head the Belgian Football Federation

Brussels, 22 May. Pascale Van Damme will be the first African-born woman to lead the institution, at least temporarily, following the resignation of Paul van den Bulk since the Royal Belgian Football Association was founded 128 years ago.

Van den Bulk, who has been embroiled in multiple internal and external proceedings for alleged moral harassment, submitted his resignation to the board of directors on Monday, ending his reign of 336 days, the shortest in the federation’s history.

Pascal Van Dam, 54, who has experience in the technology sector, joined the association as an independent administrator in June 2021 and will hold office until at least the AGM on June 24.

The new president was elected unanimously, the federation said in a statement, noting that with his appointment the body seeks to “guarantee continuity and restore peace”.

“I am confident that the entire Board of Directors and Management Committee together want to turn the page and join efforts to continue building the future of URSBFA”, declared Van Dam, who urged all organizations represented in the union to called to work. “Together”. For “Bright Future”. efe


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