Patrick Bruel and Elie Semyon, Eva Green and Elsa… these unexpected family ties

Nothing suggests that they are related, and yet Patrick Bruel and Elie Sémoun are cousins. The singer’s paternal grandfather was the brother of the comedian’s paternal grandmother, which makes them second cousins ​​(or second cousins). “We are cousins, first or younger, I don’t know what it’s called”, confirmed Patrick Bruel in the program “En Apparte”.

Despite this relationship, when he wanted to start in the late 1980s, Elie Sémoun did not seek help from Patrick Bruel, who had already achieved a certain notoriety. “I never did it because of vanity, because I wanted to do it on my own,” he said at a Laurent Rouquier event. And to joke: “A priori, when I started, I didn’t want to be a singer.”

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Patrick Bruel and Elie Semyon aren’t the only ones who haven’t helped each other. Arthur, who is none other than LaRusso’s cousin, has never wanted to help him. “She never helped me, she told me: ‘Helping you doesn’t do me any good, because I won’t help you anyway and we’ll spit on you that it’s me…'”, said her real name, Letitia Cerero.

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The second cousins, Pascal Legitimus and Laurent Volzy, did not hesitate to collaborate, even if one was in cinema and the other in music. They starred together in “Meurtress à Marie-Galante” (2021), directed by a member of Inconus. “For a wink, I thought about including Laurent. Between 50 concerts and two naps, he said yes because I proposed to him. ,

In our slideshow, discover other celebrities who are cousins, like Eva Green and Elsa Lungini or Isabelle Nanty and Kristofer Hivju (as seen in “Game of Thrones”).

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