Patrick Dempsey Denies Being In New Series With Ellen Pompeo!

Patrick Dempseyduring promotional interviews for the release of Come D’Enchanto 2, he denied his interest in a new television project that would involve Ellen Pompeo who will soon leave Grey’s Anatomy after 17 years of permanent presence in the cast.

The actor, despite having always shown his total respect and affection towards his colleague, denied the rumors that he they saw involved in the new TV series which Ellen Pompeo is apparently working on. The actress after leaving Grey’s Anatomy, she seems to want to jump into brand new professional adventures. Dempsey, despite the many rumors circulated, denied the news by clarifying that, at the moment, he is not working on any project with the colleague.

In the 11th season, in fact, Dempsey also decided to abandon Grey’s Anatomy and devote himself to something else. The actor commented on his rumors confirming that he had heard them and been subjected to many questions. He denied everything about it, declaring how “It’s just a real testament to the fans that they want see that couple still together and what impact it has. But no, I haven’t read anything, I haven’t seen anything and I haven’t talked to her about it“. Over the years Dempsey has always shown appreciation for the work done with his colleague on the set of the medical drama, almost comparing it to a team. “It’s like you play tennis or play sports or do whatever, you want a good partner to play with. And I’ve been very lucky with bothhe said, also referring to Amy Adams with whom he worked on both Enchanted movies.

In an atmosphere of farewells to the famous series set in the most famous hospital in America, the latest episodes with Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy have been announced. What do you think? Tell us about it in the comments!

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