Pau López, this “mediocre in everything” goalkeeper

There are many critics of Pau López, especially battling a fever early in the season. Among them is Pierre Menes.

Last Friday, Pau López was the author of a hand injury during the visit of Olympique de Marseille to Metz (2-2). A few days ago, during the warm-up match against Bayer Leverkusen, the Spanish goalkeeper made two big mistakes. Although Some of his comrades come forward to defend himThe goalkeeper of Marseille is not at all unanimous on his position.

Pierre Menes did not hesitate to openly criticize him. , I’ve never been a fan of Pau Lopez. At one point, Marseille declared themselves the best goalkeeper in the championship, which made me laugh a lot. He is a mediocre defender. It’s not that he has any weaknesses, he’s just mediocre at everything.”The sports journalist was judged on one of his weekly videos on his channel titled “Face a Pierrot” youtube pierrot le ft.

Pierre Menes also proposes two names of goalkeepers to replace the Iberian international. , There’s (David) De Gea who doesn’t have a club, there’s (Hugo) Lloris who doesn’t have a club… Now, I don’t know at all whether that’s (Pablo’s) intentions Longoria »Hervé Matthaux’s former sidekick ends up Canal+.

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