Paul McCartney has to pay the ticket to visit his childhood home in Liverpool: “But it’s my home!”

On March 25, 2015, during his evening show The Late Late Show aired on CBS in the United States, the host James Corden launches a moment destined to become one of the greatest successes of contemporary television, Carpool Karaoke. The idea came to James Corden after attending an English charity show, Red Nose Day, in which he sang along with George Michael.

We thought: It’s very nice when a famous singer sings his songs in an everyday life situationsaid James Corden, “Let’s do it by car in Los Angeles traffic.” The first episode is with Mariah Carey, in September 2015 the public goes crazy for the episode with Stevie Wonder (who calls James Corden’s wife to sing her: I Just Called to Say I Love You) and in the following two seasons the superstars arrive: Elton John, Chris Martin, Adele (the video excerpt had 147 million views on YouTube), a trio of Gwen Stefani, George Clooney and Julia Roberts and the incredible couple Michelle Obama and Missy Elliott, and then Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters and many more.

On 21 June 2018 an episode that enchants and moves is aired, first of all James Corden who cries during filming: Paul McCartney takes Corden and viewers on a trip down memory lane through the streets of Liverpool. There are moments of great poetry: Paul McCartney gets out of the car to sign the Penny Lane road sign already covered in hundreds of fan writings, visit the barber shop and fire station featured in the Beatles song, see the church choir where he sang as a child, sing Drive My Car, Let it Be And She Loves You and concludes his participation with a surprise concert in a pub in front of a speechless audience. Paul McCartney said that until the last moment he was not convinced to participate: “I said: no, no, no. Adele and Stevie Wonder were great, I’ll fall short.He also said he thought of his friend George Harrison: “It’s one of those things that he would tease me about for weeks.” In the end his humanity, his energy and the pure beauty of his songs give life to the most beautiful and poetic episode of the series (James Corden announces it on Twitter: “The best Carpool Karaoke ever made. Take a deep breath“). The best moment is when James Corden and Paul McCartney there is a knock on the door of the house where Paul grew up and in which he wrote his first songs with John Lennon, at number 20 of Forthlin Road, which has become a national monument managed by the National Trust. “I have never gone in here since I leftPaul McCartney says, visibly excited before showing James Corden the room where his father played the piano (under which he would lie for hours listening as a child) and the bathroom where he and John locked themselves to practice vocal harmonies. “The best moment was when the woman who manages the house asked us to pay the entrance fee before leaving: that’s five quid apiece. Laughing I told her: but it’s my home!

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