Paul Pogba’s descendant Luka Modric is in the headlines

📰L Real Madrid, partner of Luka Modric

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After the hearing in La Liga and the Supplenia in the trip to Napoles, the meeting of Real Madrid took place late before Osasuna and was a good opportunity to recognize a more quiet moment that could reveal the future of Luka Modric in the following moments. Croata’s actual roll is clear and its portada states that it may cause alarm if it is not revealed from the start.

📰 The wall that supports FC Barcelona

Jugaban los culas in oporto por primavera vez with his defense titanic y fueron claves elos para lograr esa sufrida victoria. Xavi Hernández dedicated to the great performance of the Uruguayans and the French in the match between Jules Kounde and Ronald Araújo and was destined to become the title holder for Sport.

FC Barcelona | Xavi’s option to rotate him

📰 Paul Pogba dedicated to Cadera Italia

The French hero is evident in the cover of this day’s La Gazzetta dello Sport. It was confirmed that it was positive under control, in a form that saw Juventus de Turin prepare themselves for what was to come. The potential sale of the ball and its softness involved a €200 million recapitalization of the club.

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