Paul Rudd in the cast of the third season

The actor, surprisingly seen in the finale of the second season, will return in the next cycle of episodes of the mystery comedy.

Paul Rudd is officially a new face of Only Murders in the Building. After the airing of the finale of the second season (in Italy available in streaming on Disney +) in which the actor appeared as a surprise co-creator of the series John Hoffman has made it known that he will return in the third. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, we advise you not to continue reading as they will follow spoiler.

Only Murders in the Building: Who plays Paul Rudd

In episode 10 of season 2 of Only Murders in the Building we met Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), lead actor in Oliver’s Broadway show (Martin Short). However, we saw him alive for a very short time, as – just as the curtain was rising – he died on stage suddenly. Just seconds before he had had an argument with Charles (Steve Martin), an interaction that would have been intentionally vague (as explained by John Hoffman a Deadline). This twist, in fact, officially paved the way for the third season of the series, which has already been confirmed for some time.

Only Murders in the Building

How Paul Rudd Was Involved

Hoffman recounted how Rudd got involved in the series and given some anticipation on the next round of episodes. “We are all his fans. But Paul also has a pretty close relationship with Martin Short and has also made a movie with Selena Gomez, and she loves it. But the most curious thing is that Paul has worshiped Steve Martin since he was a child, so all of these things contributed, “explained the co-showrunner.” We were thinking ‘what big movie star would be available for these five minutes in our season finale? , many months, would it be available? ‘ We needed a star who could dedicate more time to us, God, I love Paul Rudd because he immediately said yes ”.

The advances of the third season

Hoffman then recalled that the events on stage in the final minutes of the second season of Only Murders in the Building take place after a time jump of one year. So, while the first two seasons were “sisters”, the third will be something unto itself. “It felt right to give the characters some breathing room so we can find them and find out what happened that year. Then we immerse ourselves in a new group of people who have to do with the theater and Oliver’s work. It was a very interesting direction to take, “added the writer. But what is the relationship that binds Ben and Charles? This will be one of the most interesting mysteries of the third season. “There are phrases that are spoken by Charles like ‘I know what you did’ and ‘Stay away from her.’ All of these are clues as to where we’re headed next season. If there’s one thing to watch out for is the identity of this ‘she’“concluded Hoffman.

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