Paulo Sousa He revealed why he fled Poland. This was the presentation of Football

On the second day of Christmas, Paulo Sousa informed the president of the Polish Football Association, Cezary Kulesza, that he had decided to leave the Polish national team and accept the offer of the Brazilian Flamengo. The Portuguese coach achieved his goal and although he will have to pay compensation, he terminated the contract with the Polish association and left the team shortly before the World Cup play-offs.

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Paulo Sousa with a Flamengo T-shirt

On Monday, Sousa started working with players from his new club. And it was immediately presented to Flamengo fans. He also received the club jersey with the number “12”. The Portuguese did not hide his joy in front of the cameras. He turned his back to them and pointed his finger at the number on the T-shirt.

Cracovia - Legia Warsaw“I don’t want a manager who has spoken to the Barber 711 times. Just like that.”

– For me and all my staff, the opportunity to work for Flamengo is a unique situation, not always possible in a coach’s life to represent such a large club – said Paulo Sousa during the press conference. – I would like to lead the team in cooperation with the fans – he added, once again taking a step towards arousing the sympathy and fans of his team.

During the meeting with the media, Sousa also explained why he had decided to quit his job in Poland. – I left the Polish national team because of the enthusiasm, the size of the club, the possibility of winning titles – emphasized the Portuguese coach.

– I want to go down in the history of Flamengo. I couldn’t miss such an opportunity – added the former white and red coach, who had already encountered his first problems in his new job. Portuguese Cesar Andrade stopped working in the Brazilian club. Until now, he was an expert in the club on technology-related matters. He asked for the contract to be terminated. He explained himself with personal problems.

– Even before the field work began at CT Flamengo, the technical committee of the Portuguese Paulo Sousa suffered the first victim: the Brazilian César Andrade, who assisted him with the technology part, reported specific problems and declined the invitation, Brazilian journalist Gilmar Ferreira wrote on Twitter.

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