pause at 14 minutes and 39 seconds, and take a good look at these two characters

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Walt Disney Animation Studios

An appearance of Marilyn Monroe in the starry sky, a reference to the legend of Jason, to the Venus de Milo or to Karate Kida lion skin that looks like two drops of water to that of Scar…

Like virtually every Disney studio classic that came out in the 90s (and after), Hercules contains several little winks that fans can have fun looking for throughout the film.

Even if the feature film made in 1997 has many otherlet’s focus today on an easter egg that you may have missed, since it only appears on the screen for a very short time, and that unless you know the history of studios with big ears, the reference may not be obvious.

Set in the first part of the film, when Hercules is still a teenager and tries to master his strength by spreading panic in the village of his adoptive parents, this small cameo is exactly at 14 minutes and 39 seconds.

When the young hero arrives with a bang pulling a cart of hay, take a good look at the two workers who are building a marble arch, just before they are pulverized by Hercules.

These two men are none other than the directors of the film, John Musker And Ron Clementsin animated versions…

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