Paweł Fajdek explains. “I formally got married in Wrocław”

Paweł Fajdek changed his marital status a few days ago. AthleTeam was the first to inform that the athlete was already married. On Sunday, greetings were sent to the young couple on the agency’s fanpage. There are also photos from the ceremony at the Silesian Stadium in Chorzów. Later, the media reported that the threshing machine was married at the stadium. The event was also posted on the website of the Stadium.

Now the athlete explained that he formally got married last Friday at the Registry Office in Wrocław, and two days later the ceremony was repeated in a unique place for him. Paweł Fajdek mentioned that he wanted him to be married by an official from Wrocław. – It seems to me that I do not have to explain to anyone what my private life is like, and accusing anyone of lying or manipulation is brazen and rude – he wrote on Facebook.

– Bearing in mind my fondness for the Silesian Stadium and the magic of this place and childhood dreams, I decided to repeat this ceremony on Sunday and hold the ceremony in a larger group of people close to me in its area – he continued.

At the end, Fajdek also turned to the management and employees of the stadium, as well as to the official who celebrated his wedding. – From this place I would like to thank the management of the Silesian Stadium and its employees for making it possible for me to organize this ceremony at the Silesian Stadium. Mr. Henryk for the fact that he also devoted his private time! To please us once again! – wrote the bronze medalist of the Tokyo Olympics.

Photo: Rafał Rusek /

Paweł Fajdek and Sandra Cichocka

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